The Head of Political Science at the University of Ghana, Dr. Alidu Seidu has stated that although it is essential for any government to reshuffle its appointees, considering a reshuffle at this time is not the best.

He further disclosed that the call for a reshuffle is too late because even if the President considers doing a reshuffle at this time, the government will not be able to make better changes that will ensure electoral victory next year.

Not long ago, the General Secretary of the NPP, Mr. Justin Kodua advised President Nana Addo to consider doing a reshuffle of his appointees to propel the NPP’s chances of retaining power in 2025.

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Mr. Justin Kodua stated that in view of the fact government’s commitment to impacting their productive levels has dwindled, he feels reshuffling its appointees can change the situation for the better.

In response to these recent request made by Justin Kodua, Alidu Seidu indicated that even if the government chooses to reshuffle its appointees at this moment, the efforts of the ministers wouldn’t yield any impactful results due to the limited time the NPP has in office.

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Explaining further, he said that since next year is going to be an election year, most of these ministers will be running around campaigning to win the election and ensure their government is retained.

In light of this factuality, these ministers will not the get the time yo concentrate on their ministerial duties to make any meaningful impact on the productive levels of the government.


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