List Of FM Stations In Kumasi
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Technology in Ghana is fast growing as many people are now stuck to their mobile phones, television, and computers for business and news. According to research, listening to the radio is a great way to relax during your free time. Research shows that listening to the radio is just as enjoyable as using your computer or watching TV all day.

The history of radio broadcasting follows the history of radio communication. Although an individual had constructed simple wireless receivers earlier, Guglielmo Marconi is credited with building the first working radio transmitter. The next step was to apply radio technology to communication and after many decades of development, it has become commonplace in devices such as television remote controls, garage door openers, keyless entry systems for automobiles, mobile phones, and GPS systems.

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Most radio stations in Ghana are found in the Greater Accra region. The main reason for this is that Accra is the capital city of Ghana and has a lot of industry and trade, as well as entertainment. It’s easy to see why musicians often want to move from Kumasi, which is another major city in Ghana, to Accra if they want to promote their music. In this article, we are going to list all the FM Stations in Kumasi, Ghana, so keep reading;

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List Of FM Stations In Kumasi
List Of FM Stations In Kumasi

How many FM stations are in Kumasi?

There are about 40 radio stations in Kumasi operating currently. Below are the FM stations in Kumasi;

Angel FM96.1Listern LIVEKumasi
Anigye FM102.5Listern LIVEKumasi
Ashh FM101.1Listern LIVEKumasi
Boss FM93.7Listern LIVEKumasi
Sikka FM89.5Listern LIVEKumasi
Focus FM94.3Listern LIVEKumasi
Fox FM97.9Listern LIVEKumasi
Freedom FM87.9Listern LIVEKumasi
Garden City Radio92.1 Kumasi
Hello FM101.5Listern LIVEKumasi
Dess FM90.3Listern LIVEBekwai
Jem FM105.7Listern LIVEKumasi
Kapital Radio97.1Listern LIVEKumasi
RFI92.9Listern LIVEKumasi
Kessben FM93.3Listern LIVEKumasi
KFM103.7Listern LIVEKumasi
Kings Radio100.3Listern LIVEKonongo
Light FM94.9Listern LIVEKumasi
Luv FM99.5Listern LIVEKumasi
Metro FM94.1Listern LIVEKumasi
New Mercury91.5Listern LIVEKumasi
Nhyira FM104.5Listern LIVEKumasi
Nkosuo FM95.3Listern LIVEKumasi
Otec FM102.9Listern LIVEKumasi
Radio Lynk90.5 Kumasi
Spirit FM88.3Listern LIVEKumasi
Ultimate Radio106.9Listern LIVEKumasi
Virgin City Radio105.3Listern LIVEKonongo
Zuria FM88.7Listern LIVEKumasi
Price FM107.3Listern LIVEKumasi
All Friends FM94.5Listern LIVEKumasi
Sunsum FM98.7 Kumasi
Mighty FM91.1Listern LIVEMampong
Tyme FM96.9Listern LIVEObuasi
Shaft FM98.1Listern LIVEObuasi
Mynd FM105.1Listern LIVEKumasi
Alpha Radio104.9Listern LIVEKumasi
Okese FM106.5Listern LIVEEjisu

Who Owns Kumasi FM?

The owner of Kumasi FM is Stephen Boateng. He also owns the Kessben Group. The Kumasi FM Limited is a subsidiary of the Kessben Group of Companies in Kumasi.

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Who is the owner of Zuria FM?

The owner of Zuri FM in kumasi is Alhaji Abubakar Haruna.

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