Meet Carlos Silver, the Dominican who sang for 106 hours but had his world record bid rejected

In April 2019, Dominican musician Carlos Silver endured a heartbreaking setback in his quest to set the record for longest solo singing marathon. Despite singing continuously for an astonishing 106 hours, Guinness World Records denied his record bid for not following strict guidelines.

Silver sang nonstop for over five days, performing more than 5,000 songs in his valiant effort. He easily surpassed the previous 105-hour record held by India’s Sunil Waghmare, set in 2012. However, Silver’s accomplishment was invalidated.

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Guinness officials ruled that video evidence showed Silver taking more than the allotted 30-second breaks between songs. Some breaks extended up to two minutes, violating the organization’s stringent rules.

This was the second unsuccessful attempt by Silver, who first tried breaking the record in 2016. Though crestfallen, the determined singer argued that his quick transitions between songs should mitigate the impact of longer rests.

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Silver exhibited immense vocal stamina and perseverance by singing for 106 consecutive hours. However, minor deviations from the record guidelines resulted in the Dominican’s herculean effort being disqualified despite achieving an unprecedented feat.

The outcome illustrates the intensely precise demands of Guinness World Records. Silver’s extraordinary singing endurance could not override his split-second lapses exceeding the mandated break time. His dream of entering the books remains unfulfilled on a technicality.


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