Nigerian Singer Jazmine Sing Attempts 120-Hour Singing Marathon Amid Ghanaian's Bid

As Ghanaian broadcaster Afua Asantewaa Aduonum gears up to pursue the Guinness World Record for longest solo singing marathon, a Nigerian vocalist has embarked on her own 120-hour attempt.

Singer Jazmine Sing initiated her bid on December 18, 2023, aiming to perform nonstop until December 22nd. According to her social media updates, she has sung for over 40 consecutive hours so far.

Jazmine Sing’s ambitious undertaking closely coincides with Afua Asantewaa’s scheduled record try. The Ghanaian star plans to sing only songs from her country during her December 24th to 27th marathon at Akwaaba Village.

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If achieved, both African artists’ phenomenal feats would shatter the existing 105-hour record held by India’s Sunil Waghmare since 2012. Their parallel attempts spotlight the soaring ambition of African performers on the global stage.

As Jazmine nears the half-way mark, Afua Asantewaa has already unofficially surpassed Waghmare’s benchmark. Singing for over 100 hours straight at Akwaaba Village, she continues progressing further into uncharted vocal territory.

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Afua’s indefatigable effort has united and inspired people nationwide. Musicians, politicians and thousands of fans have gathered to support her unprecedented perseverance and resistance.

Regardless of which singer officially claims the new record, their extraordinary determination spotlights Africa’s surging confidence. Jazmine and Afua’s concurrent campaigns exemplify the region’s growing prominence through drive and self-belief.


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