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Richard Gasquet Girlfriend: Is He Dating Laury Thilleman?

Richard Gasquet Girlfriend

Richard Gasquet is a French tennis player who has reached the world’s No. 7 position. On the ATP Tour, he has won 15 singles championships. It was significant that he became the sixth current player to win his 550th game in 2021.

Richard Gasquet comes from a tennis-loving family. He is a product of French culture. Gasquet was born to a tennis-loving family in the lovely nation of France. His father, Francis, formerly oversaw a tennis club. He started teaching him how to play tennis when he was four years old, and his mother Maryse is also a tennis instructor.

Everyone adores the French tennis player’s exquisite game since he is a natural. In many instances during his career, Gasquet’s elegance overshadowed his physical prowess. He has achieved great success during the course of his ten-year career. In numerous Grand Slams and Masters, he has advanced to the semifinals and championship matches. Although Richard is not the most aggressive player there, he feels at ease.

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Gasquet was a brilliant young man in every sense. He was hailed as “the next big thing.”when he appeared on the cover of French Tennis Magazine at the age of nine. On the junior circuit, he had lived up to the hype by winning the US Open Boys’ and French Open Championships in 2002.

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Richard Gasquet Girlfriend: Is He Dating Laury Thilleman?

Does Richard Gasquet Have A Wife Or Is Still Dating Girlfriend Laury Thilleman? Richard Gasquet is not married, despite what his admirers believe. The tennis player’s relationship with his girlfriend Laury Thilleman has also ended. It was reported that Richard and Laury were dating in 2012. However, according to some accounts, they ended their two-year relationship.

On social media, the tennis player has never posted anything about himself. There are no pictures of his lovers there. After being with Richard, Laury dated Juan for seven years before being married to him. The pair just announced their separation. Laury announced she and Juan were splitting up on Instagram before the media could make a big issue out of it.

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