Signs You Are A Side Chick

Signs you are a side chick Signs you are a main chick


In comparison to the past, being a side chick appears to be more widely acceptable nowadays. No one wants to settle for less when they have such a strong desire for good things. In this article, we will list out some of the signs to watch out four to know you are a side chick.

It’s easy to imagine you’re the main lady because some guys, perhaps even yours, have mastered the dark art of deception. So you carry on loving him completely in your beautiful little world.

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Signs You Are A Side Chick

Many people do not want to take the danger of dating only one person. They want back-ups in case the one they really like disappoints them.

No one wants to be harmed, which is why looking for a relationship can be so frightening. You must remain watchful in order to avoid becoming the “side chick.” Do you believe you’re dating someone who is dating someone else?

Then here are 6 signs you will need to find out if you are his actual girlfriend.

6 Signs You Are A Side Chick

  • Introduces you as a friend.

There is no excuse for him to call you just a friend on any account. Unless you two had an understanding to keep the connection a secret since it had just started or for some extremely crucial reason you are 100 percent sure of and aware of.

Before you agree, make sure you understand why he wants the relationship to remain private. Because side chicks are frequently involved in hidden relationships.

  • There is no serious commitment.

Having a friend with benefits with no strings attached is very similar. When you’re dating a side lady, the guy isn’t serious about you. Don’t accept all of the extravagant presents and romantic gestures as a sign of commitment. A horny man can spend his entire life savings on the woman he wants to have in his bed.

  • He Doesn’t Hang Out With You Much

Going on dates allows couples to get to know each other better. The purpose of all of this is to spend quality time together.

If he doesn’t schedule anything that requires you to leave the house, it’s because you’re his side chick. He’s merely interested in sex and has a more meaningful relationship with someone else.

  • He does not open up

If you’re his side chick, he’d rather not discuss about his personal issues or concerns with you. If you tried to console him and he still refused to open up while shutting you down, it’s safe to assume he doesn’t want to be tied to you.

He Is Stingy With His Money

You’ve been seeing each other for a while, but he doesn’t seem to care about you nor spend a dime on you. Unfortunately, he has to save that money for his main chick, which is why you’re always the one who pays or everything.

  • He Doesn’t Do Boyfriend Duties

Your boyfriend won’t go to your friend’s dinner parties and won’t be your addition at weddings. He expresses his affection for you, but his deeds speak louder than his words. If he liked you, he’d act like a boyfriend rather than a random stranger.

Signs You Are A Side Chick

5 Signs You Are The Main Chick

  • He always take you out to meet his friends and family
  • Your boyfriend is interested in your dreams and invest in it
  • He calls at night to wish you good night
  • Loves to spend on you and also take you on dates
  • He is emotionally connected to you and knows your mood

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