The Finance Minister of Ghana, Ken Ofori-Atta, has advised fresh graduates of the University of Professional Studies-Accra (UPSA) to start their own business.

According to Ken Ofori-Atta, the government’s payroll is full and it will help when the government keeps employing people in the government sector.

He further added that the government is spending about 60 per cent of its revenue on paying 650,000 people yearly.

In a report filed by, Ofori Atta said it is government’s role to create the needed enabling environment, establish micro-stability and ensure that citizens have the right skillset.

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“… most people look for a job from government or state institutions, but that payroll is full. I can tell you that because we are spending about 60 percent of our revenue on remunerating some 650,000 people, and that is not sustainable,” he said.

Ofori Atta further indicated that entrepreneurship, skillset and credit are the important things needed in the mix to ensure sustainability for the youth and offer them an opportunity to create their own path to wealth.

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He added that education is a ladder to social mobility as well as economic and social prosperity, offering beneficiaries the opportunity to help society.

He added that it is important for the graduates to acknowledge the privilege of accessing four years of tertiary education and do their best to impact society through the transformation and renewal of their minds.


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