Side Hustles To Make Money

Chinese students are in great need of qualified English teachers who can instruct them online. For social or professional reasons, many Chinese people decide to study English. Even if you don’t know Chinese, there are plenty of online resources you may use to teach Chinese children English.

How much do online English teachers get paid?

Depending on your credentials and experience, the hourly teaching rate typically ranges between USD 12 and USD 30, however it might vary considerably. The best part is that every respectable online teaching organization compensates teachers with better pay rates and bonuses for routinely receiving five-star ratings from pupils. There is a chance to make a really good living remotely teaching English.

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Advantages of teaching English online to Chinese

You have the flexibility to schedule as many ESL classes into your week as you’d like when you teach remotely. In the beginning, while you develop a portfolio and receive some feedback, working on this as a side gig is not tough. The most obvious benefits are freedom and flexibility, but you’ll also get invaluable English teaching experience. If you have further teaching experience under your belt, you’ll be in a far better position to land a highly sought-after teaching position in China after things have returned to normal.

How to teach English online in Chinese?

The easiest way to start an online English teaching job in China is to sign up with an online lesson company.

Below are some reliable companies that aid online teachings in China;

Magic Ears, Preply, GOGO Kids, VIPKID, Cambly, Skooli, QKids, SayABC, Italki, Classtalk and many other companies. 

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Eligibility requirements to teach English in China

  1. Your nationality

The UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa are the only seven countries that are acceptable.

  1. English native speakers are required.

This rule is closely related to the first rule, and it makes more sense, don’t you think? You’d better have a solid command of the language if you wish to teach English to Chinese students.

  1. You must be a bachelor’s degree holder.

A specific foreign teacher with a bachelor’s degree has been chosen by China to work there. But the important news is that the degree can be in any field. There is no requirement that it be related to teaching or English.

  1. Your TEFL certification must be recognized and accredited.

One of the essential criteria for instructing English in China in 2022 is a TEFL credential. This is best acquired online through one of the many organizations that provide top-notch courses. The best first step towards a wonderful teaching career, anywhere in the globe, is TEFL certification, which is fairly priced.

  1. You must have a CLEAR criminal history check from your country of residence.
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We believe it is reasonable for China to not want any experienced foreign criminals living among its citizens. You must provide a criminal record that demonstrates your clean record in order to apply for a Z visa.

  1. Two medical exams are required.

China wants to make sure you are in good health and fit to teach there. The nation’s main concern is making sure candidates don’t unintentionally import disease


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