Terrible Portable Water Issues in Torvie

The lack of access to clean and portable water is a significant challenge faced by many communities worldwide, including Torvie in the Volta Region of Ghana. Without a reliable water supply, residents are forced to spend significant time and effort collecting water from alternative sources through the Gali stream.

Not only is this time-consuming, but it also poses serious health risks due to the potential contamination of water sources. Furthermore, the burden of water collection often falls disproportionately on women and children, impacting their ability to pursue education, work, or other opportunities.

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Additionally, the lack of clean water can lead to waterborne illnesses and diseases, further exacerbating the community’s health and well-being. Addressing the issue of water scarcity in Torvie and similar communities requires concerted efforts from both local authorities and international organizations.

Investments in infrastructure for water storage, treatment, and distribution are essential to ensure sustainable access to clean and portable water for all residents. Moreover, community engagement and empowerment can play a vital role in developing solutions that meet the specific needs and challenges of the Torvie community. The elders of the Torvie community thereby call on NGOs and the government to come to their end in solving water crisis issues in the community.

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Godwin Kwame, Mileba (Educational Psychologist) DPF, BEd, MEd.
Akorttia Daniel (Headmaster of the Community School)
Gagah Eric (Teacher)


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