Beaches in Ghana to Surf. The country of Ghana is blessed with a very long coastline that stretches over 580km and is located in the West of Africa at the Gulf of Guinea.

Beaches in Ghana to surf are the most astonishing things to do in the country due to its great weather that complements it. Ghana is a fast-growing hotspot in West Africa

With its diverse culture and intriguing history, the country is becoming a top African destination for tourists. On top of this, the country’s coastline is becoming a popular choice for surfers. The coastline is varied with some beaches suitable for surfing and others that do not so board friendly.

Top 7 Beaches in Ghana to Surf

Below are some of the top Top 7 Beaches in Ghana to Surf:

1.Busua beach

The Busua beach is located about 30 km west of Takoradi and 12 km from Agona. It is a shorter distance to move from Takoradi to Busua.

But if you’re traveling from the capital Accra, it’ll take about 3-4hrs. The road trip to Busua beach offers you beautiful views of the countryside.

If you’ve always wanted to try surfing then Busua beach is your best bet. Ahanta Waves Surf School & Camp and Black Star Surf Shop are two surf schools offering surfing lessons, both schools offer the best surf lessons.

Busua beach

Folks who are interested in private lessons get to have lessons tailored to their level. You can also learn together with a group which will make it more exciting and you get to meet new people.

If you already know a bit about surfing, you can just rent a board and head out to the beaches in Ghana. It is always better to surf when the weather is at its best, you don’t want to surf when the weather is unfavorable, ruining your opportunity.

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The surfing breaks here a suitable for both beginners and intermediate surfers. The Black Mamba Point is where most advanced surf as the waves here are wilder and the water is deeper here.

2.Kokrobite beach

Kokrobite beach

The Kokrobite beach is the second on the list of the top 7 Beaches in Ghana located 40 minutes away from the city of Accra. It is one of the most popular beach surfing spots in the country.

This is partly due to the Mr.Brights Surf School the first of its kind in Ghana. It is also home to the Kokrobite Carvers, a group of surfers from the surrounding town and the city of Accra.

The beach is a go-to area for many groups of people who want to have a good time. For surfers, the best time of the day to visit is sunrise when the ocean is less wild and there are gentler wave breaks.

The Mr. Bright Surf School founded by Mr. Bright gives private and group sessions all day at the beach

3.Muuston Beach

Beaches in Ghana (Muuston Beach)


The Muuston beach is the third on the list of the Best Beaches in Ghana to surf and it’s said to have better surf breaks. It is located off the Kokrobite Beach Roach.

The waves at Muuston beach are better for surfing and more suited for surfers with more experience and training. The surfers need to be able to navigate through the waves to get the best waves to surf on.

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Some of the surf breaks are often named after prominent wave riders, an example is the popular Joshua’s Point. The beach is not crowded and hence is suitable for surfers who would want to surf without the usual crowd at beaches.

Surfers who surf here are accomplished surfers who want to show off their skills. There are only a few lessons held here.

4.Tills beach

Tills beach

The Tills beach is located in Gomoa Fetteh a few minutes away from the Tills Beach Resort. The beach is about an hour and a half when coming from Accra.

The beach is very popular among surfers and especially offers a quiet, clean environment. The beach is usually not crowded and ideal for surfing.

The beach breaks here are fun and surfers get to surf without the usual crowd at other beaches.

Surfers would normally have to rent a surfing board from Krokobite since it isn’t available on sight. Most surfers go to the beach in groups to camp out there and surf at a small fee.


Beaches in Ghana Tills beach


Achenim is one of the quiet surfing spots in the country. But the breaks here are quite mild and not as deadly as the Black Mamba Point.

The beach is well suited for newcomers and beginners at surfing. The beach is surrounded by forest and hence surfers need to trek a little through the forest to the beach.

There are no shops around so surfers need to bring along surfing boards. The beach is quiet and peaceful and could be regarded as a surfers paradise without the usual wild waves.

The fishing village of Dixcove is located a few kilometers from Busua is another popular surfing spot. It has some of the best breaks.

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The place is easy to spot, surfers would have to paddle a few minutes out to experience the breaks. The breaks here are quite frequent with waves reaching 150m.

Some of the waves reach up to 300m, especially during the rainy season. The water below is quite rocky hence surfers need to be cautious.

7.Cape three points

Beaches in Ghana Cape three points

Cape Three Points is considered one of the best places to surf in the central part of Ghana . It is said that you haven’t experienced Ghana’s surfing unless you make the trip here.

The trip is quite long but that shouldn’t deter you. The 6hrs drive here from Accra is worth it. Surfers and families stay up at the Escape here you can get surfboards to rent out.

Many serious surfers, families, and surf schools make the long trek to the beaches in Ghana to experience the calm beach and the best break. Although surfers have to paddle out for a distance till they meet the break.

The beautiful thing about surfing in the beaches in Ghana is that the water stays warm all year round. You don’t need to wear wetsuits because the water is always warm.

If you want to get the best surfing experience, it would be prudent to visit the beaches during the peak season which is from April – August.

Hope you find this article on the Top 7 Beaches in Ghana to Surf very informative and don’t forget to drop your comments.


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