Fake Travel Agencies In Ghana
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The emergence of fake travel agencies in Ghana has become a concerning issue for both locals and tourists alike. These fraudulent entities pose a significant threat to unsuspecting individuals who are seeking genuine travel services.

It is important to be aware of the signs that may indicate a fake travel agency in Ghana. Some red flags include unusually low prices, poor communication, lack of proper licensing or accreditation, and requests for payment through unconventional methods.

These fraudulent agencies often lure customers with enticing offers and promises of discounted rates, only to disappear after receiving payment. This not only results in financial loss but also disrupts travel plans and causes unnecessary stress and inconvenience.

To protect oneself from falling victim to these scams, it is recommended to do thorough research before engaging with any travel agency in Ghana. Verify their credentials, read reviews from previous customers, and consider seeking recommendations from trusted sources.

Furthermore, it is advisable to book through established and reputable travel agencies or consult with a licensed tour operator such as Exotic Adventures Ltd who can provide legitimate services and ensure a smooth travel experience.

By staying vigilant and informed about the presence of fake travel agencies in Ghana, individuals can safeguard themselves against potential fraud while enjoying the beautiful experiences this country has to offer.

How To Recognize A Fake Travel Agency

Recognizing a fake travel agency is crucial to avoid scams and ensure a safe and enjoyable travel experience. By being aware of certain red flags and taking necessary precautions, travelers can protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent practices. Here are some key indicators that can help you recognize a fake travel agency:

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1. Unrealistic Deals: Be cautious of travel agencies offering unbelievably low prices or exclusive deals that seem too good to be true. Such offers may indicate a scam, as legitimate agencies usually operate within industry standards.

2. Lack of Credentials: Genuine travel agencies are licensed and registered with relevant authorities. Check if the agency displays their accreditation, membership in professional associations, or any other credentials that establish their credibility.

3. Poor Online Presence: Research the agency’s website thoroughly. A legitimate travel agency will have a professional website with detailed information about their services, contact details, terms and conditions, and clear booking procedures.

4. Unsecured Payment Methods: Pay attention to the payment methods accepted by the agency. If they insist on cash payments or only offer insecure options without proper receipts or transaction records, it could be a sign of fraudulent activity.

5. Absence of Physical Address: A reliable travel agency will have a physical office address where you can visit if needed. Beware of agencies that only provide virtual contact information without any physical presence.

6. Lack of Customer Reviews or Negative Feedback: Search for customer reviews online to gauge the reputation of the agency. If you find numerous negative reviews regarding scams, poor service quality, or unfulfilled promises, it’s best to steer clear.

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7. Pressure Tactics and Urgency: Scammers often employ high-pressure tactics such as creating urgency or limited-time offers to force travelers into making hasty decisions without due diligence.

Remember, conducting thorough research before choosing a travel agency is vital in ensuring your safety and peace of mind during your travels. Trustworthy agencies prioritize customer satisfaction and transparency while maintaining professional standards.

Genuine Travel Agencies In Ghana

Ghana has a number of genuine travel agencies that provide dependable and professional travel arrangements. These travel agencies are associated with reputable travel associations and are registered with the Ghana Tourism Authority. They offer a variety of services, such as assistance with visas, hotel and flight bookings, vacation packages, and tour arrangements. Most well-known travel companies in Ghana are;

Exotic Adventures Limited


Visit Website

Apstar Tours Limited


Visit Website

Adansi Travels


Visit Website

Riali Consult


Visit Website

Torch Light Travel


Visit Website

Journeymax Travel and Tours


Visit Website



Visit Website

Many Milez Travel


Visit Website

CountryLinks Travel & Tours


Visit Website

Deradec Executive Travel and Tour


Visit Website

Dodi Travels


Visit Website

Continent Tours


Visit Website

Mibe’s Hospitality


Visit Website

Jolinaiko Ecotours


Visit Website

Pacific Tours


Visit Website

Kaya Tours Limited


Visit Website

Naag Travel and Tours

Book A Ticket and Just Leave

Visit Website

Sunseekers Tours


Visit Website

Veevia Travel & Tour


Visit Website

Roam Ghana


Visit Website

Standard Travel &Tours


Visit Website

Staple Travel and Tours


Visit Website

Uprise Travel


Visit Website

Q1 Consulting Travel and Tours


Visit Website

Barjul Travel & Tour


Visit Website

Lisadel Travel & Tour


Visit Website

Safelife Experience Consult Ltd


Visit Website

Vykal Travels


Visit Website

Erpreben Travel & Tour


Visit Website

Godluv Travel and Tour


Visit Website

Ghana Heritage Conservations Trust


Visit Website

Ghana Ecotours


Visit Website

WhiteRain Tours Ghana


Visit Website

Femon Travels & Tours LTD


Visit Website

DeRoyal International Educational & Travel LTD


Visit Website

KINGSAIR Travel & Tours

sabita@kingstravel.tours / sales@kingstravel.tours

Visit Website

Jex Travel and Tour


Visit Website

Kasapa Center


Visit Website

3G Allied Tours


Visit Website

Ghana Tourism Development Co. Ltd


Visit Website

T and G Talking Drum Tours Limited


Visit Website

Dodi Travel


Visit Website

Travel Planners Ghana Limited


Visit Website

Hausa Tours


Visit Website

AfroNyanka Tours


Visit Website

MoonTouch Travel


Visit Website

Pride of Ghana Tours


Visit Website

Traveline LTD


Visit Website

MassMuv Ghana


Visit Website

Tessy Travels LTD


Visit Website

The Party Crew


Epreben Travel

Kokka Travel

BT Express Travel and tour

02 Squared Travels

Nita Travel and tour

Danni- K Travel and tour

Ridochal Travel

Godluv Travel

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