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Trevor Noah Biography; Age, Wife, Movie, Black Panther, And Relationship With Minka Kelly


Trevor Noah is a stand-up comedian from South Africa. Most of his shows are hosted in his home country, the United States, and Europe. Trevor Noah is in charge of The Daily Show right now.

Trevor Noah Biography

Trevor Noah was born on February 20, 1984, in Soweto, South Africa, to a Xhosa mother and a White Swiss-German father. He is a well-known South African comedian.

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Because of the apartheid system in South Africa, his black mother and white father’s marriage was illegal when he was growing up.

This made him an illicit child, and he couldn’t spend time with his parents because that could lead to their arrest. Trevor’s father was wealthy, but his mother came from a poor family. Because of this, Trevor grew up in poverty.

Trevor Noah Age

As was already said, Trevor Noah was born on February 20, 1984. In 2020, he will be exactly 36 years old.

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Trevor Noah Movies

Trevor Noah is now a Hollywood star but hasn’t been in any classic movies. Instead, the actor and comedian have been in many comedies and documentaries, such as Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark, Trevor Noah: African American, Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia, Trevor Noah: There’s Gupta on my Stoep, Trevor Noah: Crazy Normal, and many more.

Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly’s Relationship

Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly, an actress, and model, are thought to have feelings for each other. The host of the BET show Wendy Williams said that Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly were seen looking for a house together and have been seen in a romantic way more than once.

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Trevor Noah in Black Panther

Most fans didn’t notice, but Trevor Noah, who hosts The Daily Show, had a crucial cameo in Griot. It may have been a small part of the 2018 superhero movie, but it plays a big part in the movie’s ending.


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