What is Nogokpo known for? Nogokpo, a small village in Ghana’s Volta region, is shrouded in mystery because of a myth associated with it. Many people experience chills down their spines at the mere mention of the name Nogokpo.

What is Nogokpo known for?

Nogokpo, however, means “stay in peace.” The entire township is not open to public access. There are some places where sandals or shoes are not permitted.

Many people come to this shrine in search of answers and solutions to their problems from the Nogokpo gods, not through the legal, contemporary court system, but rather through a spiritual kind of justice.
Every time we come here, we always find solutions to our problems, one local said.

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Torgbui Agbodzalu Amuzu, a regent of Nogokpo, explains that the gods of the land do not murder people unfairly or harm innocent people; instead, they punish disobedient individuals whose families make the ultimate sacrifice of death or are granted permanent residence at the shrine.

The shrine, according to Torgbui Amuzu, was transported from Agbozume following a miscommunication between the populace and their leader, Torgbui, in the 1900s. The residents of Nogokpo claim that while you are welcome to come and live with them happily, things can get complicated if you have bad intentions. Stealing is almost non-existent due to the fear of being severely punished if caught by the gods.

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What is Nogokpo shrine?

Nogokpo Shrine is located in a small village along the Trans-West African Coastal Highway in the Ketu South Municipality of Ghana’s Volta Region. It is renowned for its historic and religious shrine. The shrine, which Torgbui Sabah founded, is famous for having strong spiritual governing abilities that provide swift justice.


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