Home Entertainment Meet Bayeti Godwin First Class Student Of Kibi Presbyterian College Of Education

Meet Bayeti Godwin First Class Student Of Kibi Presbyterian College Of Education


A photo of head pastor and general Superintendent Pastor W.F.Kummuyi of Deeper Christian Life Ministry and Bayeti Godwin a brethren tagged first class honour is currentlythetalkonsocial media.

Meet Bayeti Godwin First Class Student Of Kibi Presbyterian College Of Education
Meet Bayeti Godwin First Class Student Of Kibi Presbyterian College Of Education

According to the post sight by xorlali.com the young man tagged is called Bayeti Godwin and when asked how he felt about the all trend this is what he has to say.

“I have seen a lot of people posting me across all social media and giving God the glory for giving me FIRST CLASS HONOURS in Mathematics and Information and Communication Technology. However, I was really astonished and over excited for seeing myself with the picture of Pastor.Dr.W.F.Kummuyi, our father in the Lord, which was posted by Pst Gabriel from the Talensi District in the Upper East Region. I have also received a lot of CONGRATULATUON messages from church members, friends, and other stakeholders. I want to use this medium to thank Pst Gabriel and all individuals who celebrated with me during this time of Joy.

Meet Bayeti Godwin First Class Student Of Kibi Presbyterian College Of Education
Meet Bayeti Godwin First Class Student Of Kibi Presbyterian College Of Education

I also want to use this opportunity to announce to the General Public that, it is the Lord who has done it not me for which I return all the glory to him.
Currently I’m in Kumasi , however, I have received calls from Upper East Region where I come from asking me how come, they said they knew some of my brothers who attend Church and have attempted School before but for you we never knew when you started school. The messages and the questions are planty, hence my decision to give this testinomy to glorify God.”

Who is Bayeti Godwin?

Bayeti Godwin is a fresh graduate of Kibi Presbyterian College Of Education. He comes from a small village from the Upper East Region of Ghana. His father passed away at the age of 85 , he was married to seven wives and had about 45 children. However, none of these children had education to tertiary level .

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According to Bayeti;

“The one who tried and got to KTsU died through suicide.  May his soul rest in peace. By then, I was not going to school. I started school at the age of 22 years, that was 9th November 2010. I was not schooling by then and I decided to give my life to Jesus Christ and I did that in 2007 . Three years later, in December 23, 2010,  I received a divine touched  immediately  Pastor Kummuyi offered prayers for us. I remember, the time was about 3:20pm the GS evening message and I felt something touched me. When I came home, the next day , I received a quotation in a dream . The quotation was John 17:17 but then I could not read, so I wanted the children that attend school in our house to help me know how to open a quotation but it seems they tried helping me but I could not understand.

In deeper life, we have house fellowship, I would always be one of the first people to come but I could not read. So anytime, the leader of the house fellowship starting asking the members one after another the other to read the quotations and share with the church their understanding, then I will start praying to God that the leader should not call me because I would not be able to read. It was against this background , I told myself that, even though my parents did not send me to school, I have to find a way to educate myself so that I could read the Bible. I didnt know what education was about but just to read the BIBLE. So I decided to join Adult education (evening classes) in 2010. It was that year I knew how to write my name. As we started, the teacher saw that, I was doing well. He said, Im intelligent, he saw that with this brain, I should join the day school and it would be well with me. And I told the teacher that I’m too old moreover, I dont have someone to take care of me. At the end of the term, I was third in terms of position wise. So the teacher told me the third time again , that I should go to school, should not look at the age and the money. He stressed that, in the goverment School, we dont pay. So when I head that, I said , I would try.

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So we went to Asem boys Primary School in Kumasi but the Headmistress did not want to accept me since I didnt know how to read properly. She said, he could not read properly, moverover, he is old. She nearly conclude the conversation with my brother that he should send me back but I approached the Head myself and told her to accept me for only one term , if things do not go well then she should sack me. Then the head said, this issue is serious and the assistant pleaded on my behalf so I was admitted into class 5 in 9th November, 2010.

While other people get to the next class at the end of the academic year, I was prompted to the next class every term untill i get to JHS, SHS AND COLLEGE of Education. The children used to call me daddy and I would felt bad inside. Sometimes, I have to hide somewhere and cry and come back to class. However, the teachers like me. Yes , even though, I didnt get anyone to take care of my education, I did not give up, I used to go to Kumasi cemtral market after School to work and get money for the next day. I only eat first break and it was only gari and beans.
I eat those food so that , I could gather money to pay for my fees.
Today, I have completed by God’s grace with FIRST CLASS, I do not owe the school, the only money I owed is GH400 I took from one of the tutor to buy suit for the just ended graduation.

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I want to use this opportunity to call on the honour minister for Education, Dr.Yaw Adutwum , the Director-General , GES, Eric Nkansa and other stakeholders to come to my aid to help me furthher my education, especially with the payment of the GH400 because for about 3 months now the NSS allowance has not been paid.

Bayeti Godwin

Thank you.”


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