Women must be their own support system to push for development- Rosaline Djan – Women have been advised to support each other to attain leadership positions in all areas of society rather than tearing themselves down, and this advice was given by renowned media personality, Rosaline Djan.

Speaking in a panel discussion at the Exceptional Ladies Gathering organized by BossUp 100 Foundation to mark International Women’s Day, Rosaline Djan

who happens to be the Head of Current Affairs at Skyy Media Group, and is also known as a corporate MC and entrepreneur called on women who are already in leadership positions to help pull other women along with them in the form of mentoring and the patronage of women-owned businesses.

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She also called on government agencies and private institutions to include women and women-related issues in policy decisions and urged women to fight for equality instead of waiting for opportunities to be handed to them by men.

During the program, various speakers underscored the importance of empowering women to cultivate diverse skill sets that can bolster their earning potential, thereby reducing their reliance solely on academic credentials for financial stability. Emphasizing the significance of self-reliance and economic independence, the speakers highlighted the value of equipping women with practical skills that enable them to diversify their income streams and navigate economic challenges more effectively.

Against the backdrop of the 2024 International Women’s Day celebration, which centered on the theme “Investing in Women, Accelerate Progress,” the discourse resonated with the overarching goal of advancing gender equality and fostering inclusive economic growth.


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