7 Worthy Flowery Gift Ideas to Woo your Loved Ones

7 Worthy Flowery Gift Ideas to Woo your Loved Ones. “Flowers are the godsend blessings to humankind.”Well, there is only one thing that comes to the imagination, when someone talks about flowers. It probably is – god sitting and weaving petal-on-petal to make the beautiful flowers to add beauty to the earth as a blessing for us. It is quite imaginary but true!

Can you imagine the gasp of amazement at the sight of hills that are completely covered with beautiful flowers? Isn’t it obvious that these amazing creatures are a gift? From blooming in a flower pot at your home to helping you say out the ‘necessary’ to your special someone, they have been a part of our lives almost every other day.

Hence, today we have come up with some amazing gifts that you can send to your people all over the world. But, what is special about the kitty, today? The presents that we will talk about today are full of flowers.

Next time when you plan to send a flower delivery in Bangalore, we promise that you will be a star. But for that, you need to walk along with us till the end!

So, let us begin now.

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Bouquets of Chocolates

Chocolate and flowers are synonymous with each other. Why? The only two things that can bring a smile to all the sad faces are yummy chocolates and scented flowers. Hence, considering giving these two in a combination is certainly a great idea.

However, you can give a small twist to this gift. Instead of giving flowers in a bouquet and chocolates in a box, why not add both of them in a box? There are many websites that are nowadays offering some amazing chocolate-flower bouquets. You can also pick this up for your loved ones.

Teddy Bear & Bouquet of Roses

Teddies are the third most happiness-giving thing after the two that we talked about before. If any of your peeps are angry, then sending a cute teddy bear along with a flower bouquet is what can save you.

We will always recommend doing this when anyone is in no mood to talk to you because of some annoying habits of yours. Nothing else can save you from their wrath compared to a teddy bear and some nice flowers, like lilies.

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Resin Jewellery

The next thing that you consider giving is resin jewellery. Now, many of you must be wondering where are the flowers in this, right!

Here they are. The resin gifts are in trend these days, and that too the ones with dried flowers embedded in them. If you are a bit artistic, then you can try this one yourself, a.k.a DIY. Check out tutorials and how-to guides on the internet to make these on your own.  

If not possible, then gifting it from online stores is always a great option to rely on.

Flowers & Your Feelings

Say out loud the things that you always wanted to in a greeting card. Then, place it along with a flower bouquet and send it to your special one who is not with you at the moment. It is indeed very difficult to speak out your feelings at times, and hence the best thing you do is find ways to get it done.

The easiest way is to write them on a lovely greeting card and then send it to your partner along with a bouquet of roses. There you go with all the beans spilled out in front of them.

Inspiring Floral Planner

Do you want to motivate any of your family members, be it elder sister or younger brother, for the year ahead? If yes, then give them a nice floral planner which makes them feel fresh and ‘ready-to-execute’ all the time.

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There are a number of these available in the e-stores these days. Pick the best one and surprise your siblings with it. If nothing much, then they can at least start with a good diary writing habit.

Isn’t it great that you are trying to instill a new habit in an individual for their growth with flowers? Tough, though!

That was it! We are glad that we could make your gifting journey a bit interesting and sophisticated at the same time. Hope that you could now choose any of the above gifts to surprise your friends and family who are not with you during the pandemic.

If you are contemplating placing a flower delivery in Delhi, let us push to do so since this is what is needed in these tough times!



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