AFCON 2022: Full Schedule, Groups, Dates, And Games

AFCON 2022: Full Schedule, Groups, Dates, And Games

The 2022 Africa Cup of Nations has started today in Cameroon with the host nation beating Burkina Faso in their first opening match. However, the AFCON 2022 will see 24 African teams battle for the African cup of nation title.

AFCON 2022: Full Schedule, Groups, Dates, And Games

Below is everything you need to know about the African cup of nations 2022.

Who is hosting Afcon 2022?

AFCON 2022 is being hosted in Cameroon capital of Yaounde. However, it tagged AFCON 2021 because it was postponed to this year due to COVID.

Secondly, it played in January because of the weather and there are 24 teams in six groups of four teams each. After the group stage, the top two teams from each group and the four highest-ranked third-placed teams will advance to the round of 16.

What TV channel is the African Cup of Nations on?

AFCON 2021 will be broadcast on ESPN that’s in its Latin American territories in South and Central America and the Caribbean, including Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, the British Virgin Islands, Nicaragua, Guyana, and Bolivia.

Where can I watch Cameroon vs Burkina Faso?

Where can I watch it? The match will be shown live on Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Football, GTV, and Angel TV.

AFCON 2021 Groups

Games will be played in six venues in the West African nation: Yaounde: Olembe Stadium and Stade Ahmadou Ahido, in Douala’s Japoma Stadium. Below are the AFCON 2021 Groups;

  • Group A: Cameroon (hosts), Burkina Faso, Cape Verde Islands, Ethiopia 
  • Group B: Guinea, Malawi, Senegal, Zimbabwe 
  • Group C: Comoros Island, Gabon, Ghana, Morocco 
  • Group D: Egypt, Guinea Bissau, Nigeria, Sudan 
  • Group E: Algeria, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone 
  • Group F: Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, Tunisia

AFCON 2021: Group A:

Teams: Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde & Ethiopia


9 January: Cameroon-Burkina Faso (11:00)* (all times ET)

9 January: Ethiopia-Cape Verde (14:00)

13 January: Cameroon-Ethiopia (11:00)

13 January: Cape Verde-Burkina Faso (14:00)

17 January: Cape Verde-Cameroon (11:00)

17 January: Burkina Faso-Ethiopia (11:00)

Group B:

Teams: Senegal, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Malawi


10 January: Senegal-Zimbabwe (08:00)

10 January: Guinea-Malawi (11:00)

14 January: Senegal-Guinea (08:00)

14 January: Malawi-Zimbabwe (14:00)

18 January: Malawi-Senegal (11:00)

18 January: Zimbabwe-Guinea (11:00)

Group C:

Teams: Morocco, Ghana, Gabon, Comoros


10 January: Morocco-Ghana (11:00)

10 January: Comoros-Gabon (14:00)

14 January: Morocco-Comoros (11:00)

14 January: Ghana-Gabon (14:00)

18 January: Gabon-Morocco (14:00)

18 January: Ghana-Comoros (14:00)

Group D:

Teams: Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Guinea-Bissau


11 January: Nigeria-Egypt (11:00)

11 January: Sudan-Guinea-Bissau (14:00)

15 January: Nigeria-Sudan (11:00)

15 January: Guinea-Bissau-Egypt (14:00)

19 January: Guinea-Bissau-Nigeria (14:00)

19 January: Sudan-Egypt (14:00)

Group E:

Teams: Algeria, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea


11 January: Algeria-Sierra Leone (08:00)

12 January: Equatorial Guinea-Ivory Coast (14:00)

16 January: Ivory Coast-Sierra Leone (11:00)

16 January: Algeria-Equatorial Guinea (14:00)

20 January: Ivory Coast-Algeria (11:00)

20 January: Sierra Leone-Equatorial Guinea (11:00)

Group F:

Teams: Tunisia, Mali, Gambia, Mauratania


12 January: Tunisia-Mali (08:00)

12 January: Mauritania-Gambia (11:00)

16 January: Gambia-Mali (08:00)

16 January: Tunisia-Mauritania (11:00)

20 January: Gambia-Tunisia (14:00)

20 January: Mali-Mauritania (14:00)

The top two sides in each of the six groups will advance to the next stage, along with the four best third placed sides.

Knockout stage

Last 16:

23 January (match 37): Runner-up Group A vs Runner-up Group C (11:00) – Limbé Stadium, Limbé

23 January (match 38): Winner Group D vs 3rd Group B/E/F (14:00) – Roumdé Adjia Stadium, Garoua

24 January (match 40): Runner-up Group B vs Runner-up Group F (11:00) – Limbé Stadium, Limbé

24 January (match 39): Winner Group A vs 3rd Group C/D/E (14:00) – Olembé Stadium, Yaoundé

25 January (match 41): Winner Group B vs 3rd Group A/C/D (11:00) – Bafoussam Stadium, Kouekong

25 January (match 42): Winner Group C vs 3rd Group A/B/F (14:00) – Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium, Yaoundé

26 January (match 43): Winner Group E vs Runner-up Group D (11:00) – Japoma Stadium, Douala

26 January (match 44): Winner Group F vs Runner-up Group E (14:00) – Limbé Stadium, Limbé


29 January (match 46): Winner match 40 vs Winner match 39 (11:00) – Japoma Stadium, Douala

29 January (match 45): Winner match 37 vs Winner match 38 (14:00) – Roumdé Adjia Stadium, Garoua

30 January (match 47): Winner match 43 vs Winner match 42 (11:00) – Olembé Stadium, Yaoundé

30 January (match 48): Winner match 41 vs Winner match 44 (14:00) – Japoma Stadium, Douala


2 February (match 49): Winner match 45 vs Winner match 48 (14:00) – Japoma Stadium, Douala

3 February (match 50): Winner match 46 vs Winner match 47 (14:00) – Olembé Stadium, Yaoundé

Third-place play-off:

6 February: Loser match 49 vs Loser match 50 (11:00) – Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium, Yaoundé


6 February: Winner match 49 vs Winner match 50 (14:00) – Olembé Stadium, Yaoundé

How to watch AFCON in uk?

AFCON 2022 will be shown live on Sky Sports in the UK. You can find the matches on Sky Sports Football, Premier League, and Main Event, depending on other scheduling. To stream, Sky subscribers can use the Sky Go app to stream on their mobile, tablet, or PC.

Where to watch AFCON 2022 in Canada?

The AFCON tournament will be carried by beIN Sports in the USA and Canada, and coverage will be available in both English and Spanish.


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