Aquatic activities & Sport after childbirth: go for swimming!


Reclaiming one’s body after childbirth involves, among other things, resuming Aquatic activities. And if there is one ideal sport after pregnancy, it is without a doubt swimming! A gentle and complete activity at the same time, swimming allows you to regain your figure while enjoying a relaxing break.

When to resume sport after childbirth?y

To resume sport after pregnancy, it is preferable to have the advice of the doctor and to wait for the postnatal consultation. It usually takes place 6 to 8 weeks after childbirth. If the health check is good and the perineal rehabilitation has gone well, you can then gradually start to resume sporting activity.

But no question of choosing just any sport! After childbirth, your body indeed needs a complete and gentle sport such as swimming.

What are the benefits of swimming after pregnancy?

Water is the ideal element to resume physical activity after childbirth. In immersion, light as a feather and relaxed, it’s up to you to choose your swimming technique and your accessories. One piece of advice: do lengths at your own pace!

A soft and complete the sport for your body

Along with walking, swimming is the ideal activity for new mothers. Swimming allows you to work all the muscles of the body (legs, back, arms, stomach) gently, without the risk of shocks. 

And the benefits don’t stop there! Improved circulation, reduced cardiovascular risks, breath work, swimming has many virtues for getting back in shape and losing weight after childbirth.

Good in his body, good in his heady

Swimming 2 to 3 times a week is also an opportunity to relax and think about yourself. With the arrival of the baby, your body has changed and your whole life is turned upside down. A change is not always easy to live with since 1 in 4 mothers suffers from postpartum depression or “baby blues” after giving birth.

To avoid this, nothing like a few lengths in the pool! Swimming will allow you to relieve stress and regain all your energy.

Aquatic activities suitable for pregnant women

Sport and pregnancy do not necessarily go hand in hand. Many sports activities are prohibited during this period, too dangerous for the health of pregnant women and their children. However, some sports are allowed, even popular during pregnancy. This is the case with aquatic activities.

The benefits of water sports during pregnancy

Before signing up for a water sports class, ask your gynecologist for advice. No woman experiences her pregnancy the same way, so it is imperative to have the green light from a specialist, each case being specific.

That’s it, you have the blessing of your doctor, do not wait any longer to register at the nearest swimming pool. Swimming will allow you with the help of a lifeguard and their lifeguard certification to both build muscle and tone your body while relieving your legs and back. On the other hand, working in an aquatic environment promotes gentle movements and limits the risk of injury.

Choose your aquatic activity

The swimming

Those used to swimming pool lanes will be able to continue swimming during pregnancy. But be careful, not all types of swimming are recommended. Favor the backstroke which protects the perineum and gently works the body. Make a cross on the breaststroke and the breaststroke casting which will arch your back already weakened by the weight of your child.

Prenatal aquagymc

Birth preparation or prenatal water aerobics classes can be practiced from the start of pregnancy until the end of the pregnancy. This activity is ideal for maintaining good flexibility of muscles and joints while helping to control weight gain.


For cycling fans who miss their bikes, aqua biking can be your comfort. A variant of aquagym, aqua biking is practiced on a bicycle, either in an individual cabin or in a swimming pool. More sustained than water aerobics, this activity targets cellulite thanks to a “draining massage” effect and relieves heavy legs. There is no risk in aqua biking while pregnant, unlike its “outdoor counterpart” which exposes you to falls.

Prenatal aqua yoga

Stressed by the baby’s arrival? Nothing better than aqua yoga to calm you down! This activity prepares you for childbirth by maintaining your body and relaxing you as much as possible. Aqua yoga works the opening of the hips, the tilting of the pelvis and your breathing. The course usually takes place using a foam fry.


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