Home Entertainment Byno Ayoni crowned TV3’s Mentor XII winner

Byno Ayoni crowned TV3’s Mentor XII winner


TV3’s Flagship Reality Show, ‘Mentor,’ Concludes with Byno as the Champion. TV3, one of Ghana’s famous television networks, recently wrapped up its renowned reality show, ‘Mentor,’ declaring Alatevi Korbla John, popularly known as Byno, as the Mentor 12 winner.

Byno Ayoni crowned TV3’s Mentor XII winner
Byno Ayoni crowned TV3’s Mentor XII winner

Byno’s exceptional talent in both trumpet and vocals breathed new life into Lucky Dube’s 1992 classic. Throughout the competition, he consistently earned acclaim as the Star Performer, amassing multiple accolades.

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Over the past weeks, Byno Ayoni outshined fellow contestants, including 6CA, L Boat, Majesti, and Hy5, to claim the coveted title. His rendition of a reggae piece added nuanced layers, resonating themes of love, unity, and resilience.

‘Mentor’ has long served as a pivotal platform for emerging talents in Ghana’s music landscape. For Byno, the show transcended mere performance, becoming a canvas for deeper connection and expression. His moving display not only highlighted his dance prowess but also showcased art’s role in healing and self-discovery.

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In celebrating Byno’s triumph, audiences are reminded of the profound impact of music and dance in fostering unity and resilience. Dive into Byno’s mesmerizing performance and immerse yourself in its emotional richness.

List of Mentor XII winners

Byno Ayoni crowned TV3’s Mentor XII winner

Below are the list of mento 12 winners that took place on sunday 7th January 2024;

Winner- Byno

Second- 6CA

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Third- L Boat

Fourth- Majesti


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