In the latest captivating episode of Mentor XII, titled “The Night of Inspiration,” the show aimed to express solidarity with the victims of the Akosombo Dam spillage and uplift their spirits through the magic of music. This special evening witnessed Byno Ayoni’s stellar performance, making him the standout star of the night.

As the 13th performer, Byno took the stage and left both the judges and the audience spellbound with his rendition of Lucky Dube’s “Crazy World,” a song released in 1991 that carries a message of hope and encouragement for those facing adversity.

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Byno’s performance was nothing short of effortless, and it earned him applause and admiration, particularly from judges Kwabena Kwabena and Richie Mensah. Richie, the CEO of Lynx Entertainment, expressed his profound appreciation, saying, “People keep asking me why I keep doing music. The truth is, it’s because of talents like you. You are gifted, and when you are singing, it’s effortless.”

The judges noted that both Hy5 and Majesty were outstanding contestants and strong contenders for the title. However, Byno unquestionably grasped the essence of the assignment and emerged victorious, earning himself rewards from Vitamilk, one of the show’s proud sponsors.

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In the spirit of unity, viewers concerned about the flood victims of the Akosombo Dam spillage are encouraged to make a difference by contributing through the designated short code 713221#. Your contributions will go a long way in providing much-needed assistance to those affected by this unfortunate event.

The competition continues to intensify with each passing week. If you want to support your favorite contestant and ensure their continued journey, it’s vital to cast your vote by either dialing the short code 71313# or downloading the TV3 Reality App from Google PlayStore or Apple App Store.


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