Ekene Umenwa Husband

Alex Kleanson, the CEO of Firstnollytv, has decided to speak out amidst the controversy surrounding his wife, Ekene Umenwa, and her interaction with Gospel artist Moses Bliss during their wedding celebration.

Ekene Umenwa couldn’t contain her excitement when one of her favorite gospel artists, Moses Bliss, graced their wedding. Some critics accused the actress of being disrespectful towards her husband, suggesting that her enthusiasm went too far in greeting the musician.

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In a viral video, the wedding’s master of ceremonies, Deacon Famous, stepped in to defend Ekene. He categorically stated that her actions were not inappropriate. Deacon Famous emphasized that her embrace of Moses Bliss was a spontaneous display of her excitement, and her act of kneeling was a means of connecting with the singer’s spiritual blessings and engaging in heartfelt worship and prayer to God in a spiritual sense.

In response to the flood of criticism directed at his wife, Alex Kleanson added his voice to the conversation in the comments section under MC Deacon Famous’s post. He expressed his gratitude to the MC for standing up for his wife and was unequivocal in stating that, as her husband, he saw nothing wrong with Ekene’s actions, and he had no complaints.

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Alex Kleanson’s comment reads as follows:

“Deacon you get time to explain, I am not complaining… God bless you real good my brother”


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