Renowned political activist, Chris Atadika has questioned the conscience of leaders in the political arena who are always in the tangent of blowing hot and cold when it comes to national issues.

Mr Chris Atadika revealed in his write-up that, his principles would not permit him to swing towards political leaders who are not making decisions which would have positive consequences on the lives of the ordinary Ghanaian citizen in this current administration which is being led by President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo.

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“The high amount of guilt I feel when I’m silent on scandals of this government is serious,” he said.

According to Mr Atadika, his morals and values doesn’t allow him to keep silent and not speak out in order to hold duty bearers accountable for their decisions especially when he had been on the necks of previous administrations for accountability.

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“I feel this way because my strong conscience always reminds me of my past heavily criticizing the previous government,” he added.

In the same vein, Mr Chris Atadika further slammed individual who will choose sides when it comes to holding various governments for accountability.

“Sometimes I wonder how those who have now gone silent feel. Feeling like a hypocrite isn’t a great feeling at all,” Mr Chris Atadika said.


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