Ghanaian Engagement List Among The Ewes

Marriage is a union between two usually a man and a woman who has agreed to become husband and wife and have knowledge about the mandatory requirement. Today’s article focuses on Ghanaian Engagement List Among The Ewesof the Volta Region of Ghana

In the ewe setting, the couple both have some obligations to perform, and among these are procedures that go along with the normal engagement list presentation. The list differs counting on the actual tribe and family from which the woman comes. a listing of things is sometimes given to the groom-to-be. Marrying from a ewe family, the person has got to buy the gift and this usually comes with a listing. This list is usually made from, but not limited to the following:

Knocking list for ewes

Knocking or ‘kokooko’ is that the initiative within the marriage process, and maybe a symbol of respect within the direction of unifying two families. The groom is going to be amid his family to formally ask the bride’s family for the bride’s hand in marriage. Below is the Knocking list for ewes

  • Schnapps
  • 2 Bottles (Foreign One)
  • Gin 1 Bottle
  • Soft drinks 1 crate
  • Cash GH ¢100

Ghana traditional Marriage List among ewes Engagement

Is there a bride price in Ghana? The Ewe dowry and other engagement requirements bond and create mutual respect between the bride and groom’s families. So, what are the items needed for engagement? Here is a sample of a Ghana traditional Marriage List among ewes Engagement;

  • Ring and Holy Bible
  • 6 Half pieces of Cloth (Real Wax)
  • 6 pieces of Head Gear (Scarf)
  • 2 Pair of Sandals and 2 Pair of Shoes (with Bag each)
  • Ecolac bag (Big One)
  • 2 sets of jewellery and wrist watches
  • 12 underwear
  • 6 night wears
  • 6 Brassiere
  • Lady waist beads and 1 traditional pant(Very Important)
  • 1 Catholic hymnal GH¢ 600

Apart from the items on the list above the groom is expected to give his in laws something so below is also the list for in laws;


  • Father In-Law GH¢ 500
  • Mother-In-Law GH¢500
  • Brother-In-Laws GH¢200
  • Half a piece of Cloth (Real Wax) for Mother-In-Law (with Head Gear and Sandals)
  • 1 Full Piece of Cloth (Real Wax) for Father-In-Law (with 1 Sandals)
  • Family GH¢250
  • Thank You GH¢ 100


To conclude there is a video to watch to see how the Ghanaian Engagement List Among The Ewes is perform and what they request for before giving out their children in marriage. Leave your comments in the section below.

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