Ghana’s Most Beautiful Finalists 2023

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Ghana’s Most Beautiful Finalists 2023. The journey of the GMB2023 contestants has been nothing short of remarkable, as they navigated through eleven weeks in the pageantry house, facing seven eviction weeks to reach the grand finale.

Ghana's Most Beautiful Finalists 2023
Ghana's Most Beautiful Finalists 2023

Among the talented Ghana’s Most Beautiful finalists, Nurah, Selorm GMB 2023, Naa Ayele, Kwartemaa, and Aduanige have consistently captivated the audience with their grace and elegance.


Ghana's Most Beautiful Finalists 2023
Ghana's Most Beautiful Finalists 2023

Nurah, representing the Northern Region, has been a standout performer throughout the competition. Her stellar performances have earned her not one, but four awards. She’s claimed the prestigious Star Performer Award twice, showcasing her exceptional stage presence. Nurah’s eloquence and creativity also shone through as she secured the Most Eloquent and Best Costume awards. Her informative presentation on the Bugum festival left a lasting impression.

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Selorm GMB2023

Ghana's Most Beautiful Finalists 2023

Selorm Madaglene Gadah made history as the first contestant to win the Star Performance Award and repeated the feat by clinching the same award in the closing stages of the competition.

Aduanige GMB2023

Ghana's Most Beautiful Finalists 2023

Aduanige, another remarkable contestant, stood out as one of the most fashionable in the group. She showcased her creativity by winning the Best Costume award not once, but twice in consecutive fashion.

Naa Ayeley

Ghana's Most Beautiful Finalists 2023

Naa Ayeley, a graduate of the University of Ghana School of Performing Arts, added a touch of eloquence and finesse to the competition. Her charismatic presentations earned her two Most Eloquent awards and the prestigious Star Performer Award. Naa Ayeley and her team delivered a captivating performance that left the judges in awe, as they delved into the history of the GAs and their contributions to Ghana’s democracy.

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Ghana's Most Beautiful Finalists 2023

Kwartemaa Kusi, representing the Bono Region, may have secured only two awards, but her talent has left an indelible mark. Many viewers believe she ranks among the most gifted contestants in the 2023 Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant. Kwartemaa’s electrifying performance on the significance of the APOO festival showcased her prowess and dedication to her craft.

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As the competition draws to a close, these exceptional contestants have not only showcased their beauty but also their intelligence, creativity, and passion for preserving and celebrating Ghana’s diverse culture and traditions. The grand finale promises to be a spectacular event as these finalists compete for the coveted title of Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2023.

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