Miriam Xorlasi Tordzeagbo is in motion from Ghana to India in order to make an appearance and display her prowess in the Miss World 2024 competition.

In 2022, Miriam Xorlasi Tordzeagbo went against all odds as she out performed her colleagues in a mouthwatering manner which secured her the crown of Miss Ghana 2022.

Yet again,Ms Miriam Xorlasi has raised the flag of Ghana high as she is set to make an unprecedented appearance in the 2024 Miss World competition which is going to take place in Delhi,India.

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Ms Miriam Xorlasi after the opening ceremony, she was adjudge as part of the best fifteen promising performing contestants to grace the competition.

Further, She has departed from Ghana to go and make Ghana proud in the city of Delhi, India.

However, Ms Miriam Xorlasi hails from Kpalime-Kaira, a town in the Volta region of  the Republic of Ghana.

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Ghanaians have been delighted by Ms Miriam’s success which is raising the flag of Ghana high and serving as an inspiration to the young ones.


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