Miss Wisconsin Grace Stanke Crowned Miss America

Grace Stanke: Who Is Miss Wisconsin Miss America Winner? Grace Stanke has been crowned the new Miss America. On Thursday, December 15, 2022, the stunning classical violinist from Wisconsin took home the crown in the annual pageant after competing in a number of high-profile pageants throughout the course of her career.

She triumphed at the 95th iteration of the pageant, which was held in Connecticut. The top five contestants included Miss Georgia Kelsey Hollis, Miss West Virginia Elizabeth Lynch, Miss Texas Averie Bishop, and Miss New York Taryn Delanie Smith.

During the red carpet part of the event, Grace played a violin solo that left everyone in awe. In the end, she won the glistening crown as well as the required red flowers, and she did it while wearing an exquisite white gown and, of course, smiling through all of the emotion.

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Many people are interested in learning more about Grace now that she has become the most recent winner of the scholarship pageant that is considered to be the most popular and well-known in all of America. The freshly crowned Miss America 2023 is profiled here, along with other pertinent information.

Grace Stanke biography

Grace Stanke was born and raised in Wasau, Wisconsin is presently attending the University of Wisconsin–Madison to earn an undergraduate degree in nuclear engineering. The pageant page for Miss Wisconsin mentions in her bio that the smart and beautiful woman has previously had positions at a pair of “world class research labs” as well as a co-op position in the nuclear fuels industry.

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According to Grace Stanke bio, “Her work and education helped her to comprehend the energy problem happening on a global scale.” The availability of fossil fuels is becoming increasingly limited, which is driving up prices.

After Miss Wisconsin Miss America Winner 2022 came to the conclusion that zero-carbon energy sources and renewable energy are the sources of the future, she launched her very own social impact initiative under the name “Clean Energy, Cleaner Future.”

She has high hopes of playing a pivotal role in assisting the nation in its transition to zero-carbon energy, of course with a primary focus on nuclear power. Her mission is centered on finding a solution to the global warming catastrophe. How could judges possibly deny her the victory when she presented them with such a compelling case?!


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