Holy Spirit Fire Center Wins AG Tema District Children Bible Quiz

The much anticipated Bible Quiz organized for children in Assemblies of God has been held. It’s was held on the 15th of April 2023 at central Assemblies of God, community 4 opposite Chemu senior high.

The quiz saw children from 15 local churches in Tema District contesting for the ultimate prize that a cash prize, medals, and trophy.

There were 4 runs, and Holy Spirit Fire Center AG in Community 8 won the contest with 72.1. Newlife AG came second with 69.6, and the host church Central AG came third with 67 points.

The top three were awarded medals, citations, certificates, and trophies for the first winner.

The rest of the churches that participated were given a certificate of participation. The Tema District Children Ministry also honored the local coaches who help the kids train to make the day a success.

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The quiz saw great men of God such as the Tema District pastor, the Holy Spirit Fire Center pastor, Living Word Temple pastor, Pastor Mrs. Susuana Atiso, Director of the Children’s Ministry for Greater Accra East.

According to Pastor Mrs. Susuana Atiso, Director of the Children’s Ministry for Greater Accra East, in an interview with Ghana News Agency the Bible quiz was organized to help the children in becoming conversant with the Scriptures and the Assemblies of God doctrines.

“It is important for the children in the church to know and have the Word of God in their hearts, the doctrines, and history of the church, and to love the church they belong.”

“It is one thing to know the word of God and another to practise or even pray, and it is the Holy Spirit that gives us strength to do all things.”

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She explained that many people attend church services and programmes but do not know really know God, noting that it was important that Christians know the God they served.

“I recommend that as parents, we teach our children the word of God at home, pray with them often, and encourage them to do their devotions and quiet time because their Sunday School Teachers alone can’t achieve these goals without parental support,” she advised.

Holistic grooming and nurturing must begin in the homes, church, and nation as a whole; “if training does not start at home, there’s no way we can have good future leaders.”

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