How to change battery in Subnautica?

Subnautica is an open-world survival action-adventure video game developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment in December 2014.

The video game allows players to explore a frictional ocean alien planet 4546B after the player’s spaceship, the Aurora, crashed on the alien planet. In this game, players are made to search and collect resources and battle creatures to survive in the ocean.

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How to change battery in Subnautica?
How to change battery in Subnautica?

The game is set underwater with two deplorable islands and a simulated day-and-night cycle vision.

Game Tools In Subnautica

Playing Subnautica comes with a variety of tools ranging from the use of flashlights, habitat builder, laser cutter, pathfinder tool, propulsion cannon, repulsion cannon, scanner, and stasis rifle to repair tool which all serves as devices to enable players to navigate easily in the ocean alien planet with most tools consuming energy through batteries.

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Batteries In Subnautica

Talking about batteries, Subnautica has some specific tools such as the flashlight that uses batteries to operate underwater.

Batteries in Subnautica are made by collecting parts used to make batteries in the game. Batteries in Subnautica are electronic items crafted using a fabricator. Batteries can store up to 100 energies and eventually get drained when used for battery-powered tools.

A normal battery in Subnautica

Batteries are charged in the battery charger or an equipped tool can be recharged with Swim Charge Fins. This allows players to recharge their tools without having to continuously craft new batteries.

How to change battery in Subnautica?
Battery Charger

How To Change Battery In Subnautica

Batteries in Subnautica can be changed or replaced by pressing R till X icon is in the centre then press the left mouse button or simply changing batteries from tools by equipping the tool and pressing R.

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Other Type Of Battery In Subnautica

There is another type of battery in Subnautica called the Ion battery. It is an electronic item also crafted using the fabricator. It is closely identical to a normal battery, but it holds five times more energy than the normal battery.

Ion Battery

It is unlocked by collecting data from the Orange Data Terminal inside the Alien Thermal Plant.

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