‘It Is Paining Me’ – Audio Of Zionfelix’s London Sidechick In A Romantic Moment With The Blogger Surfaces

There is a viral audio of Zionfelix making love with his sidechick that has gotten social media buzzing.

‘It Is Paining Me’ – Audio Of Zionfelix’s London Sidechick In A Romantic Moment With The Blogger Surfaces
Zionfelix and UK sidechick

Recall in the middle of this year Zionfelix was in the news after he got two women pregnant. Well he is back again in the news as another sidechick has taken to social media to release his tapes online so everyone see what the Ghanaian blogger has been doing when he travels.

Taking to Instagram the identified lady known as Afia uploaded an audio which allegedly captures the voice of ZionFelix with her.

Sharing the audio she wrote;

A voice of Zion and myself…It was all about sex…He knows what to do when the puss¥ is very small and tight. He’s an expert ankasa..

Listen very well but please don’t be shocked…..This is just the surface…Maybe God will touch my heart to keep quiet and not to reveal the rest…. Now let me hit on this….Zion at least you should have always covered my back but you failed cos you think you’re smart….

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Let everyone know the relationship between you and I…Are you ashamed or you thought you could use me for your pleasures….Lol…I’m very sorry for Mina cos you’re doing alot at her back…. Don’t forget you begged me for my puss¥ countless times and I gave it to you at last and cos I wanted to be kind to you . You see the way you were shaking and screaming…. it was small kraa..

Don’t be too wise Felix cos you got a lot of responsibilities …Tell your manager how you planned it well so he himself wouldn’t be aware that someone was coming to visit you…You are always checking your steps very well so you don’t get into trouble but who should be left out..I’m not Erica oo..I’m Adomaa…she was able to coil and stay calm…And Oh I have still not forgotten everything you told me about Mina, I don’t want to go there..You’re too wicked, boy…I respected you enough… I have always been reminding you of Mina, but you kept on telling me to forget about her and that she’s nothing serious to you but just caring..

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After all you brought her to UK to give birth for you..and oh yes you’ve gotten a British kid now…..Zion what you did to Erica, that’s the same thing you did to me…Luckily for me I didn’t get pregnant and like if I did you would have told me it was my own mistake like you told Erica…I asked you about Erica’s pregnancy and you told me that it was a mistake cos your affair with her was just for pleasure and that she agreed to it that way.

I was so surprised when Erica’s story came to light. Should I recollect you on this too….
When you came to Europe for the first time, that’s in August, you asked me to fly from London to meet you up in France, which I did. You bought the ticket for me. Don’t let me go too much boy……..”



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