Burkina Faso’s military head of state, Ibrahim Traore has refuted all allegations made by Ghana’s President Akufo-Addo in respect of Burkina Faso’s dealings with Russian mercenaries, Wagner group

President Ibrahim Traore revealed in an exclusive interview with Alain Foka which was devoid of calling out specific names, reacted to all statement made to that effect as falsehood and there are no available evidence.

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“unfortunately, we have seen heads of state who fell into that lies and went to tell the lie that we supposedly gave mines in our southern part to Russia. That’s a lie” He stated

He further provided details of procedures for interested parties to employ in order to secure a mining field.

“if Russians want a mine, we have our mining code. They come, they integrate and acquire license. They pay their taxes and everything they have to do like everyone else. So, there is nothing we give to Russians,” Mr Ibrahim clarified.

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Ibrahim Traore emphasized on the fact that” It’s just fake news again” and reiterated that, if Russia wants to engage in any form of mining activities, they would have to comply with all our regulations.

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