Mzbel's Son Faces Social Rejection at School After Controversial Interview
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Belinda Akua Amoah, the renowned Ghanaian Hiplife musician and entrepreneur known as Mzbel, has disclosed that her son, Kwame Adepa, also known as Okomfo Black, is experiencing isolation at school due to his recent comments about God and religion.

In a widely circulated interview on social media, Adepa expressed his disbelief in the idea that humans were created by a divine entity, asserting instead that they are born from fellow humans. He specifically acknowledged his mother, Mzbel, as the one who brought him into the world, rejecting the notion of a supernatural creator.

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Adepa’s remarks sparked considerable discussion on social media, with a Facebook user named Voice suggesting that some Christian parents may advise their children to avoid Adepa in light of his viral interview.

“After the spectacular and ear-catching interview of #okomfoblack, at his age and the in-depth knowledge he has about our ancestors, at school and his neighborhood, I know the African Ghanaian Christians will start advising their children never to make him their friend, but the good thing is that the gods and the ancestors got your back always champion,” the Facebook user posted.

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Mzbel reacted to the post revealing that indeed, that was the case as her son, Adepa is already being shunned in school.

“Yes, it’s already happening at his school,” she wrote.

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