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Overeating Is A Symptom Of Mental Health Disorder – UCC Lecturer Reveals


The Head of Counseling Unit at the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Dr. Lydia Dankyi has caused a massive stir after revealing that overeating could be a potential symptom of mental health disorder.

Speaking in a recent interview on Cape Coast-based Property FM, the UCC Counselor said there is wide range of symptoms associated with mental health difficulties.

Explaining further on her disclosure, she stated that there are some individuals who suddenly start to behave oppositely to how they used to act on a daily basis.

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Citing examples to back her claim, she stated that if the person happens to be someone who is fond attending lectures, he or she will suddenly decide to stop attending lectures for no particular reason.

Similarly, if the person is someone who used to eat a lot, he will suddenly lose appetite for food or decide not to eat at all.

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Contrarily, if the person is someone who doesn’t like to eat much, he will suddenly develop unimaginable appetite and start eating colossal meals.

According to Dr. Lydia Dankyi, these and many other behavioral characteristics forms part of the attitude exhibited by people experiencing mental health difficulties.

Per her disclosure, once a student or person begins to show any of these signs, there is a high possibility he or she is suffering from a mental health disorder.

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