Patapaa who went for an interview on bryt tv was seen bored as he spoke bitter about Ghanaian rapper Sarkoodie for disrespecting him.

In expressing how hurt and angry he is he insulted the wife of Sarkodie that Tracy Owusu and Sarkodie mother as well.

According to Patapaa Sarkodie wife Tracy is not wise. For if she was to be wise she won’t allow her husband be insulting and disrespecting other musicians all in the name of rapping.

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When asked to apologize to Tracy the one corner hitmaker decline. He said he doesn’t know Tracy Sarkcess and that he owes no one an apology for his words.

“Who is Tracy?” he said when asked to apologise to her. “What are you saying? When Sarkodie recorded the song, didn’t she listen? Don’t they sleep in the same bed?”

My wife would not accept it when I diss Sarkodie in my song. She would ask why I’m mentioning his name. I’m not insulting that girl, I’m insulting Sarkodie. I don’t know his wife.”

“I won’t apologise to her because I don’t know her. I can swear. If his wife is wise, she wouldn’t allow Sarkodie to insult me,” he stated.

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