Nicolas Jackson

Amidst the bustling transfer market, there is one name that has been making waves recently: Nicolas Jackson. After completing his medical at Chelsea, the talented Senegalese striker bids farewell to Villarreal, raising questions about the Yellow Submarine’s performance in the forthcoming 2023-2024 La Liga season. Despite the considerable setback, Villarreal finds themselves in a promising position for an enthralling season ahead. They face a blend of demanding matches and advantageous prospects that have the potential to guide them towards a triumphant campaign.

The situation punters and football fans find themselves is interesting: can the Yellow Submarine secure themself a place in a European competition? With the mobile app from the trusted bookie like Bet 365, review on which is available here, it’s easy to follow the season’s schedule and place bets on the league favourite. Now, let’s explore further to uncover the prospects that lie ahead for Villarreal.

The Most Difficult Fixtures: A Test of Character

1. Villarreal CF vs FC Barcelona (SUN 27.08.2023):

Facing the mighty FC Barcelona early in the season presents an undeniable challenge for Villarreal. The Catalan giants boast a remarkable history and a squad teeming with world-class talent. This match will truly examine the character of the Yellow Submarine, demanding tactical brilliance and unwavering resilience.

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2. Atlético de Madrid vs Villarreal CF (SUN 12.11.2023):

Atlético de Madrid, the third team in the La Liga 2022/2023, are renowned for their resolute defense and efficient counterattacks, establishing them as a formidable force to reckon with. Villarreal CF will have to demonstrate their utmost capabilities and deliver their finest performance to effectively compete against such a formidable opponent.

3. Real Madrid vs Villarreal CF (SUN 17.12.2023):

A visit to the Santiago Bernabéu to face Real Madrid always presents a daunting task. The Galacticos boast an illustrious history and a squad adorned with superstars. Villarreal must approach this fixture with caution, as Real Madrid will be resolute in their quest for victory on home turf.

The Easier Fixtures: Capitalizing on Opportunities

1. Villarreal CF vs UD Las Palmas (SUN 08.10.2023):

Hosting UD Las Palmas provides a favorable opportunity for Villarreal to secure three points. As a team recently promoted to La Liga, Las Palmas may lack the top-flight experience to match the quality of Villarreal. This fixture allows the Yellow Submarine to showcase their attacking prowess and potentially claim a decisive victory.

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2. Villarreal CF vs Deportivo Alavés (SUN 22.10.2023):

Deportivo Alavés has consistently been a mid-table team, just promoting this season and making this fixture an excellent chance for Villarreal to secure a win. The Yellow Submarine will aim to assert their dominance on home soil, exploiting any defensive weaknesses and controlling the game’s proceedings.

3. Villarreal CF vs Granada CF (SUN 03.03.2024):

While Granada CF is a respectable team, they often find themselves in a relegation battle. Villarreal will seek to capitalize on their opponent’s vulnerabilities and secure a crucial victory in front of their passionate supporters. This fixture should be viewed as a stepping stone toward a successful season.

Points Prediction and Final Standing

Forecasting the cumulative points a team may achieve during a season is a formidable task due to the unpredictable nature of football. However, considering the fixtures and the caliber of Villarreal’s squad, one can anticipate a praiseworthy performance. Given a combination of favorable opportunities and challenging encounters, it is reasonable to expect Villarreal to deliver an impressive showing. With a combination of demanding matches and advantageous situations, the Yellow Submarine has the capacity to accumulate around 65-70 points.

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Based on recent seasons, such a points tally would likely position Villarreal among the top six teams in La Liga. Securing a spot in a European competition should be an achievable goal, granting them the opportunity to continue their continental adventures and compete against Europe’s premier clubs.


As Villarreal embarks on the 2023-2024 La Liga season, the departure of Nicolas Jackson to Chelsea introduces new challenges and opportunities for the Yellow Submarine. While facing formidable adversaries such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, Villarreal can also capitalize on matches against recently promoted teams and mid-table opponents to leave their mark.

With resilience, tactical astuteness, and the unwavering support of their devoted fans, Villarreal possesses the potential to accumulate an impressive points total and secure a position in a European competition. As the season unfolds, football enthusiasts around the globe will eagerly observe how the Yellow Submarine navigates the challenges of La Liga, aiming to establish themselves as a formidable force.


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