Qatar World Cup Stadiums

The Qatar World Cup stadiums are the proposed stadiums to be used in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which is to be held in Qatar. There have been many concerns raised over the choice of Qatar as the host nation, due to the country’s small size and lack of footballing pedigree.

However, the country has been quick to allay these fears by proposing the construction of eight brand-new, state-of-the-art stadiums. The Qatar World Cup stadiums are some of the most innovative and environmentally friendly stadiums ever proposed.

They have been designed with the latest advances in stadium architecture and engineering and will be a fitting showcase for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

2022 Qatar World Cup Stadiums

Below are the 2022 Qatar world cup stadiums to be used for the 2022 FIFA cup in Qatar from the 20th of November 2022;

Al Bayt Stadium

Albayt Stadium

Al Bayt stadium is located in Al Khor and can hold up to 60,000 people. It is one-of-a-kind due to its massive tent structure that covers the entire stadium and is named after bayt al sha’ar – tents historically used by nomadic peoples in Qatar and the Gulf region.

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The design of the Qatar World Cup Stadiums pays homage to Qatar’s past and present while also serving as a model of green development and sustainability. Al Bayt will be reduced to 32,000 seats following the tournament.

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium is located in Umm Al Afaei, west of central Doha, and can host 40,000 spectators. Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium will use modular elements forming an upper tier for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It will be downsized to nearly 20,000 seats after the tournament.

The design of the stadium and the surrounding buildings reflect the Qatari environment. As for its external facade, it is in the form of ripples of sand dunes, while the distinctive geometric shapes depict the beauty of the desert and the local flora and fauna.

Al Janoub Stadium

Aljanoub Stadium

Al Janoub Stadium is one of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Stadiums which lies in the southern city of Al Wakrah. It has a capacity of 40,000. The stadium’s design reflects the wind-filled sails of Qatar’s traditional dhow boats – in tribute to Al Wakrah’s fishing and pearl diving past. After the tournament, Al Janoub’s capacity will be reduced, with seats donated to other sporting projects around the world.

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Khalifa International Stadium

The redesigned Khalifa International Stadium was originally built in 1976 and renovated and expanded in 2005 to serve as the centerpiece of the 2006 Asian Games hosted by Qatar.

The stadium, which includes sweeping arcs and partially covered stands, is the centerpiece of Aspire Zone, a sports complex that includes Aspire Academy for Sports ExcellenceHamad Aquatic Center (Limitless), ASPETAR Sports Medicine Hospital, and many other sporting venues.

Attached to the 2022 Qatar World Cup Stadiums via a walkway is the 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum, adding to the appreciation of how this venue cherishes its past as it builds towards an exciting future.

Education City Stadium

Qatar Foundation Stadium

The new Education City Stadium is located in the midst of several world-class university campuses at Qatar’s global center of excellence, Education City.

The stadium can seat up to 40,000 spectators, and it takes the form of a jagged diamond that sparkle as the sun moves across the sky. Following the FIFA World Cup, the stadium will retain almost half of its seats for use by university athletic teams.

Lusail Stadium

Lusail Stadium

Located in Lusail City, the new Lusail Stadium is one of the primary stadiums of Qatar’s World Cup and will host the final ceremony for the 2022 tournament.

After the tournament, Lusail Stadium will be transformed into a community center with schools, shops, cafes, sports facilities, and health clinics as part of Qatar’s commitment to sustainable development.

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974 Stadium

Ras Abu Aboud

Host city:Doha
Gross capacity:40,000
Matches planned:Group matches and round of 16

974 stadium project is a pioneering project in the world of sports stadium construction. Built from shipping containers, this stadium will be completely dismantled and the materials that were used in the construction will be re-utilized. In addition to 974 being the international dialing code for Qatar, the name of the stadium comes from the number of containers used to build it.

The stadium is located minutes away from Hamad International Airport and it overlooks the Gulf Coast and the fascinating scene of the West Bay skyscrapers. 

Al Thumama Stadium

Al Thumama

Host city:Doha
Gross capacity:40,000
Matches planned:Group matches, round of 16, and quarter finals

Al Thumama Stadium is a distinct Arab architectural icon, as it is inspired by the traditional qahfiya (the cap worn under the Ghutra and Egal) in the Arab world. This design was chosen because it is a cultural commonality among Arabs in the Arab world.

Therefore, it expresses the Arab civilization’s depth and the intertwined cultural-historical legacy of the Arab countries. The stadium has a capacity of 40,000 seats that will be reduced after the tournament to 20,000.


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