Road traffic accidents over the past decades have perished and printed unrepairable forms of damages on citizens who have become victims by no way of their fault.

This in effect, has aggravated into an alarming national canker which hasn’t seen much attention from duty bearers.

Statistics from the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) has indicated that, 72 people out of 100,000 population have being involved in any form of road traffic accidents while 8 of the same population have tragically lost their lives. More so, more than 60 percent of accidents that has occurred indulges persons under the ages of 35-years of age.

In the first quarter of the year 2023, a total of 3,340 individuals have been victims of road traffic accidents across the country.

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All these outrageous statistics backing the effects road traffic accidents are being caused by poor state of roads, careless driving, disregard for road signs, drunkenness and use of faulty vehicles on the roads thus, citizens lives being endangered.

Madam Narh Beatrice, a citizen of Ghana questioned the authorities who are supposed to be responsible in implementing policies and providing all infrastructure which in effect would limit the alarming rate of road accidents or create a zero accident free environment.

“The incidences leading to various road accidents are very avoidable. What is actually wrong with us as a people and leadership? As a result of the bad state of our roads and negligence from road users have led to many loss of lives and have made many abled people to become disabled people,” She said.

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Madam Narh Beatrice in conclusion with her submission, placed a wake up call to those the government, requesting for a general community sensitization with respect to how to utilize the roads in order to curb or eliminate road accidents in the country.

“The Ministry of Roads and High ways, National Road Safety Authority and Motor Traffic and Transport Department of the Ghana Police Service should initiate public education forums which focuses on measures road users should employ in order to prevent any today accidents. The

Meanwhile, parliament of Ghana has approved a GH¢5.3 billion estimated to undertake the construction of roads in 2023 which was stipulated in the 2023 budget statement.

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“…As for the policy makers, am talking about the Ministry of Roads and High ways, they should begin to provide Ghanaians with better roads. What happened to the year of roads, all monies allocated to the ministry should begin to manifest into good roads and nothing else,” Madam Narh Beatrice added.


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