Ghana needs a visionary and experienced leader— Esq. Sammy Gyamfi

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The communications director at the national level for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Esquire Sammy Gyamfi is of the view that, Ghana needs a leader who’s ready to set the ball rolling immediately he or she is given the mandate to administer the country.

In a public post made by Mr Sammy Gyamfi on the 7th of November,2023 stipulated his facts on the back of the current situation in which Ghana finds Her self. Taking into consideration, the downward trend of which all the sectors of the economy is experiencing due to leadership.

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In Mr.Sammy Gyamfi’s post, he emphasized on the lazy posture of the government of the day however, Ghana needs a new leader who has the country at heart and is ready to take up all responsibilities with respect to good governance which would produce prosperity to the citizenry.

“Ghana needs change; this change must take the form of TOTAL RESET and thus can only be brought about by an honest, visionary and experienced leader we can trust.

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“A leader who is tried and tested; a leader who has the track-record of taking responsibility for the problems and fixing them; A leader who can and would ensure accountability on the part of duty-bearers both past and present . That leader is none-other than the nation builder former president John Dramani Mahama,” Mr Sammy Gyamfi iterated.

The National Democratic Congress elected the former president John Mahama as their flag bearer hence, they are in the believe that the former president is the best being to lead the charge in steering the affairs of this country if he is wins the general elections in 2024.

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