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Some easy ways to care plants for home


It doesn’t mean you can’t have a green thumb if you don’t have a lot of space in your home. All of these indoor plants are little (but don’t worry, there are some trees if you have more room), and many of them require very little sunlight, which is important when you only have a few windows to work with.

The majority of these plants are rather simple to keep alive. Regardless of your skill level, preference, or available space, there’s a houseplant for you here. Your dreams of a lush indoor garden are about to come true by shopping indoor plants online with an ease .

Here are some plants which will help you in home decor

Café Plantation 

Although a small arabica coffee plant will not be able to satisfy your coffee addiction, coffee plants are attractive and easy to care for, and you might be able to acquire enough beans to roast and create your own cup every now and then. They’ll let you know if they get too dry by drooping their leaves, which will return to normal after a good watering. Coffee plants benefit from somewhat indirect light as well. 

Aglaonema crimson

Costa Farms reports that it will grow in low, moderate, and strong light, but that when planted in medium light, it will yield more colour. Don’t worry if you forget to water it now and then; it’s a forgiving plant. 

Rubber-producing plants 

To survive, the rubber plant, like the bulk of the other plants on this list, needs bright, indirect light. When the soil is entirely dry, only then it should be irrigated. Rubber plants also have the benefit of being one of the most powerful natural air filters. Place them near your favourite seating spot to get some fresh air. 

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This plant prefers bright, indirect light, although watering should be done with care: It necessitates a “drench and dry” technique (abundant watering followed by drying of the soil) as well as weekly mistings. Because the spherical leaves are so distinctive, it’s best to keep the pot simple. 

Figs with a Fiddle Leaf

The light should be bright and indirect. Only water this plant until the top inch of soil is completely dry. Place it in a corner of an apartment to create a dramatic focal point. 

ZZ Plant

ZZ plants require less water than many other plants, therefore this is the one for you if you’re prone to neglecting (rather than overwatering) yours. It enjoys bright, indirect light, but if you choose to keep it in a less-than-sunny position, it can also handle dim light. You can buy plants online to enliven your living space with ZZ plants.

The Sweetheart’s Plant 

Hoya kerrii is a little heart-shaped plant that can be bought as a single leaf cutting or as a whole trailing plant. In any case, it’s easy to keep up with. Consider it a perfect addition to your window sill because it requires very little water (every 3 to 4 weeks, according to The Sill) and thrives in bright, direct light. 

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This plant, which is recognised for its waxy, heart-shaped blooms with a huge stamen in the centre, necessitates weekly watering and occasional fertilisation, making it neither low-maintenance nor high-maintenance. 

Bird of Paradise

Allow this plant to flourish in a bright, sunny spot, however it can also thrive in dim light. It’s best not to overwater it and to fertilise it periodically in the spring and summer, but it’s otherwise simple to care for. 

Plants with snake-like appearances 

Indirect light, as well as mild waterings that occur only after the soil has completely dried, are ideal for these plants. Place an empty location in your hall on a raised planter to create interest. 


Between waterings, begonias, like aloe and kalanchoe plants, need their soil to be completely dry. Surprisingly, this plant responds well to fluorescent light, so you can keep it in the office. 

Yucca Cane (Yucca) 

Yucca plants grow best in bright, indirect light (too much direct light would burn their leaves), but they will still grow in dark light, but at a much slower rate. It doesn’t require much water, and if the top half of the soil is dry, you can tell it’s thirsty. It’s also a good idea to mist every now and then.

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