Marjorie Harvey is the wife of well-known comedian, actor, and TV host Steve Harvey. She is also recognized for her own accomplishments in the fashion and beauty industry. The couple got married in 2007 and have since become a prominent power couple in the entertainment industry.

Marjorie Harvey’s background includes being a fashion enthusiast and blogger. She has a strong presence on social media, particularly Instagram, where she shares her sense of style and fashion tips with her followers. Marjorie has also been involved in philanthropic work, supporting various charitable causes and organizations.

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Her marriage to Steve Harvey has been widely covered in the media, and the couple often appears together at public events. They both have children from their previous marriages and have blended their families, which adds to their dynamic as a high-profile couple.

Overall, Marjorie Harvey is recognized not only for her role as Steve Harvey’s wife but also for her individual contributions to the fashion world and her engagement in charitable endeavors.


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