On January 30th 1973 a great daughter of  the continent of Africa; Titina Silà  was murdered by portuguese imperialist  forces in Guinea Bissau.

This happened barely ten days after the brutal liquidation in Conakery of her mentor; revolutionary strategist Amilcar Cabral leader of PAIGC. Ernestina fondly called Titina  who was at the age of 29 was on her way to the Funeral of Cabral with Comrades in the struggle for Independence when her life was cut short.

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She is remembered as one of the icons of Bissau’s Arms struggle against the tyranny of Portugal.

In her early twenties her bravery , dedication, sacrifice and clarity earned the youngster leadership responsibilities of the People’s Militia Committee in the North. Leading operations of passage of necessary goods into the hinterland for combatants and the general population in the North. 

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Silá died in active combat against the imperial entity of settlers and usurpers of land. She is greatly remembered in her motherland; Guinea Bissau where a day has been set aside called Women’s day on the day she was martyred.

Rest in power Titina , your legacy and that of your mentor lives on and the struggle for a better Africa continues.


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