The managing editor for the Insight newspaper, Mr Kwesi Pratt fumes out his sentimental opinion over staff of the ministry of finance lined up showering praises on the sector minister for finance, Kenneth Ofori-Atta upon his arrival after his 2024 budget statement presentation in parliament.

According to Mr Pratt, the cheers and delightful euphoria which was created by the ministry’s staff was uncalled-for and extremely insulting to the Ghanaian population.

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“Ghanaians are not gullible. Ghanaians know what is good for them, they can assess their standard of living; they know whether this budget is good or bad and it doesn’t take this useless demonstration to convince anybody,” He said.

Further, he jabbed the brain behind the orchestration of gathering the workers to give a grand welcome to Hon Kenneth Ofori-Atta as a disgusting and weakened thinking.

“Whoever put this together must have a very low opinion of Ghanaian people. Whoever put this together must think that we the people of Ghana have no brains and it’s this insult i detest.

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According to the veteran media practitioner, Mr Kwesi Pratt, he isn’t happy with the reactions of the public sector workers at the ministry of finance because, thier conduct depict that, their allegiance is with the finance minister, Hon Kenneth Ofori-Atta not to Ghana and he finds that as very insulting.

“This is most insulting; clearly unacceptable. And the minister is happy? Mr Pratt questioned.

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