Top 10 Best Fashion Schools In Ghana

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The Fashion industry is growing by the day and so is the number of people who want to get in this line. The question arises, however, where can one go to study fashion? This article will give you a list of the top 10 best fashion schools in Ghana.

Top 10 Best Fashion Schools In Ghana
Top 10 Best Fashion Schools In Ghana

Who is the best fashion designer in Ghana?

The art of designing clothes for people is not a simple job. It requires creativity, talent, and skills which are acquired over time. Fashion designers are individuals who are creative in styling clothes for different persons depending on their body type. Some fashion designers get to become famous because they have designed special clothes for famous celebrities which were worn during public events or at private functions. Below is the list of the best fashion designer in Ghana.

  • Shebyabena
  • Sima brew
  • Duaba Serwaa
  • Ohene Yaw Boamah — Abrantie clothing
  • Tonyi Senayah — Horseman shoes

Top 10 Fashion Schools In Ghana

Top 10 Best Fashion Schools In Ghana
Top 10 Best Fashion Schools In Ghana

Which is the best School for Fashion In Ghana? There is a higher number of fashion schools in Ghana compared to most African countries. This is because there has been an increase in the production of local designers and models, who have been able to win international competitions, such as Miss Ghana, Ghana Most Beautiful, Miss Tourism Ghana Pageant.

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The colleges are also producing graduates with good knowledge about the latest trends in fashion and therefore job creators for themselves after they graduate. The high demand for professional clothing has therefore increased the number of fashion schools we have in the country. Below is the list of fashion schools in Accra.

Abbi Creation School of Fashion

Abbi Creation School of Fashion is one of the leading fashion schools in Ghana. The academy has an inherent focus on handwork and pattern cutting techniques which are often neglected today by other institutions. Their passion for excellence ensures that their students get to learn from top designers, stylists, and craftsmen who have significant experience in their respective fields. When it comes to training women for a career in fashion designing, Abbi Creation School of Fashion in Ghana is considered one of the best.


 +233 244 366 791 / +233 20 813 5138

Riohs Originate

Riohs Originate fashion school is a new initiative from the Rioh Foundation. The aim of this program is to develop, promote and encourage local talent by providing an environment that fosters creativity and innovation in the fashion industry through exposure to international standards. The Riohs Originate Fashion School will be located at Blohum Street Dzorwulu Crescent Behind Ashfoam showroom or Heritage Bank. It will provide a structured learning environment for students interested in pursuing a career in the world of fashion.

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0302783497 / 0248323669

BlueCrest Fashion Institute

Fashion is a business with a lot of competition in the market. Fashion education can give you an edge when trying to be noticed in this competitive market. The BlueCrest Fashion institute offers courses that will equip you with skills and knowledge to become a successful fashion designer or stylist in Ghana and abroad.

Jiffah Fashion Designing School

So you want to pursue a career in the fashion industry? Great! Just make sure your education is on point. Jiffah Fashion Designing School Ghana offers world-class training for individuals who are serious about learning everything it takes to be a successful designer. Courses are offered in fields including pattern making, tailoring, design, and more. Join them today!

Second Image Beauty School

Second Image Beauty School in ghana is Ghana’s No. 1 fashion design school located in Accra, Ghana with branches all over the country. Second Image Beauty School provides students with the opportunity to build a career as a fashion designer, stylist, or pattern maker.

Libelt School of Fashion

Libelt School of Fashion is a fashion school dedicated to providing the best skills and education for students interested in learning more about fashion. Their goal is to provide progressive programs that will challenge the mind, develop passions, and lead to an inspired career.

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Marshall fashion school

When I first heard about the Marshall Fashion School, I was immediately intrigued. After all, who doesn’t want to study fashion in Ghana? Then I learned that it’s not just any fashion school; it’s a school that provides an education for students from impoverished areas of Ghana and helps them find jobs after graduation.

Charthess school of fashion

Charthess School of Fashion is an institute that offers fashion designing courses, which are majorly focused on providing excellent training in the art of designing. They offer a wide range of course options that include clothing design, fashion illustration, and pattern making.

GH Fashion school

GH Fashion School is one of the best fashion schools in Ghana. The school offers a wide range of courses that cover all aspects of fashion, design, and beauty. GH Fashion School runs an annual nationwide search for brand ambassadors, who are selected based on their passion for sales and marketing as well as strong communication skills.

Vogue Style school of fashion and design

Vogue Style School of fashion and design is a school of creativity, innovation, expertise, and mastery of the art of fashion. Vogue schools, which are located in Accra, Ghana’s capital city, offer courses that range from basic sewing lessons to advanced technical training taught by expert teachers with years of experience working in the industry.

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