For the first time ever, World Barbers Day has been celebrated in Ghana, West Africa, thanks to the efforts of two top Ghanaian barbers, Andrews Asare (Andis barber) and Derrick Abochie (Ludahaircut). The event, which take place on September 16, 2023, was to celebrate the hard work and dedication of barbers all over the world.

Andis Barber and Ludahaircut were inspired to organize the event after seeing the need to celebrate barbers in their home country of Ghana. “Barbers play an important role in our communities,” Asare said. “They are more than just people who cut hair. They are friends, confidants, and mentors.”

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Barbers are often the unsung heroes behind the scenes, shaping and defining our personal style while boosting our self-confidence. These skilled craftsmen wield their scissors and clippers to transform ordinary hair into works of art. The Ghanaian barbers recognized the need to celebrate these unsung heroes, who play a pivotal role in enhancing our appearances and uplifting our spirits.

Asare and Abochie are hopeful that the event will become an annual tradition. “We want to make World Barbers Day in Ghana a day where barbers can come together to celebrate their profession and to show the world how important they are,” Andis said

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The event is also a way to promote barbering as a career in Ghana. “Barbering is a skilled trade that can offer a good living,” Abochie said. “We hope that by celebrating World Barbers Day, we can encourage more young people to consider a career in barbering.”

The World Barbers Day event in Ghana is a significant event for the barbering community in West Africa. It is a chance to celebrate this all over Africa Countries and to Train the youth to Embrace skill work as they Embrace white color jobs. This Event is a to throw light on Barbering industry here in Africa and the world at large.


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