Uma Pemmaraju Cause of Death


Uma Pemmaraju was one of Fox News anchor. She died on August 8 at the age of 64. Uma Pemmaraju death was announced by Suzanne Scott, CEO of Fox News Media.

In announcing Uma Pemmaraju death the CEO of Fox News media said;

“We are profoundly grieved by the passing of Uma Pemmaraju, who was a founding anchor of FOX News Channel and broadcast on the day we debuted. Uma was a nice, charming girl who had a tremendous amount of talent as a writer. She was especially noted for being courteous to everyone she worked with. We send her entire family our sincere sympathies.”

Uma Pemmaraju cause of death

As to how Uma Pemmaraju died or what what the cause of Uma death we have no information yet but investigation are be done currently.

Pemmaraju is survived by her daughter called Kirina Alana Devi. Alana Devi is the child she had with wealthy Andrew Petkun, whom she was married to howeverare no more because they separated.


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