Victor T. Curry Biography And Net Worth

Victor T. Curry Biography And Net Worth
Bishop Victor T. Curry — prominent pastor of New Birth Baptist Church Cathedral of Faith International and a community activist notable for championing "Blackout 99" that protest of racism and police brutality in Miami-Dade.

Victor T. Curry Biography

Victor Tyrone Curry is the founder and a senior pastor of New Birth Baptist Church Cathedral of Faith International, author, leader, teacher, social activist, ordained Bishop, and a family man with three daughters; Victoria Curry, Veronica Curry, and Victory Curry, born on March 8, 1960, in Broward County.

Victor T. Curry Early Life In Ministry

Growing up as a teenager in Broward County’s Ranches Neighbourhood, Curry was a member of a local music group called “The Rappers Band.” Amid being a member of the band, Curry realized he was called to preach as a teenager. He experienced an encounter with the Lord and accepted Jesus Christ into his heart in his short briefed musical career. At age 18 in 1978, he departed from the group and became licensed in the gospel ministry. Four years after, in 1982, Curry was ordained by his childhood pastor, Rev. Joe Cephus Johnson Jr., senior pastor of Greater Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church of Hallandale, Florida into ministry.

Rev. Joe Cephas Johnson Jr.

Curry became the founding chair of the Progressive Kingdom Baptist Association under the Florida Baptist General Conference and was ordained to the International Conference of Bishops under the leadership of Archbishop Leroy Bailey, Jr. Bishop. Six years later, in 1984, Curry became ordained as Bishop Victor T. Curry as his first ordination on the Hill.

After serving as a pastor at Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church in Liberty City for seven years, Curry began a new chapter in his life after being mandated by God to begin anew. He left Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church and founded the New Birth Baptist Church Cathedral of Faith International becoming the founder and senior pastor of one of the largest black churches in Florida today. Curry was 31 years old when he met the other New Birth Baptist Church founders and formed what would become his new church; he did not let his age or lack of immediate resources stop him from doing what God had called him to accomplish.

In the early days of his ministry in New Birth Baptist Church, Curry’s immense dedication and commitment to evangelism led him to take the responsibility of preaching at different locations each Sunday. Being a new Church, Curry subsequently held Sunday services in various locations throughout Miami, including high school band rooms and cafeterias despite not having a permanent place for his church.

His Church, New Birth Baptist Church evolved with the passage of time and eventually reached a defining moment when he bought its permanent residence famously known as “The Apartment” in Florida.

New Birth Baptist Church Cathedral of Faith International, Florida.

Under Curry’s leadership, the church expanded to become a sort of sanctuary and community resource, offering services for Miami’s teenagers, single men and women, married couples, the homeless, and several others. Gospel concerts in the park, community food drives, and voter registration marches were among the events. Likewise, he became known for his humanitarian zeal from his support and resources for Haitian earthquake victims in South Florida.

As part of expanding his ministry of the church, New Birth Baptist Church expanded into radio broadcast with the formation of New Birth Broadcasting Corporation and the purchase of AM 1490 WMBM, serving as a 24-hour Gospel Radio Station in North Miami.

Victor T. Curry Pursue of social justice

Being a beloved and exemplary pastor, Curry became a community activist for social justice issues and spoke on immigration policy and marriage equality. Still serving in ministry, Curry recognized how the members of his church and the community faced realistically and daily challenges that impacted their lives. The thought of this led Curry to establish ministries that impacted their daily lives, even if that meant going beyond the sanctuary walls.

This led to Curry’s rendition of “Tuesday Talk” on the radio. Prior to this, Curry had appeared on Revs. Willie Simms and Richard Dunn’s local radio show, “Tuesday Talk” which he was reportedly fired after saying “in Jesus’s name” on air. However, things took a positive turn when an opportunity presented itself, and New Birth Baptist as a church gained ownership of the radio station.

The radio show “Tuesday Talk” now hosted by Bishop Curry had him providing a fiery voice leading the charge on politics, social justice, civil rights, police brutality, minority American plight, and more. Curry’s “Tuesday Talk” became a national mainstay for social commentary in South Florida, particularly in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

Bishop Victor T. Curry hosts “Tuesday Talk” on AM 1490 WMBM radio

Continuously maintaining his commitment to the pursuit of social justice for all, Curry had many community members drawing comparisons between him and major civil rights heroes.  As Curry’s “Tuesday Talk” grew in popularity, he took his broadcast outside radio to the streets of Miami neighborhoods where residents saw him speak out against gentrification, social, racial inequality, and other issues of the like.

Among the New Birth Baptist Church congregation, “Blackout 99” also known as “The Show Must Be Passed” is the notable activism act of Curry which had a Countywide protest of racism and police brutality in Miami-Dade that disrupted the workweek.

Victor T. Curry Stroke

Unfortunately, on a Wednesday night on January 10, 2017, Curry’s sister found him unconscious in her home and had him rushed to the hospital where he received treatment in an intensive rehabilitation as he suffered a stroke. He was hospitalized for an extended period at an undisclosed location during which time his family called upon his congregation and the community at large to pray on his behalf.

After an unprecedented health struggle in Curry’s life, his faith has not wavered nor did his church congregation’s prayers and support. Curry recovered enormously to the glory of the Lord. Although the journey was rocky, Curry’s resilience from his experience brought a renewed faith, cheers of happiness, and more committed devotion among the church congregation.

Victor T. Curry After Recovery

After surviving a severe stroke for a year, Bishop Curry shared his first sermon at his church, New Birth Baptist Church Cathedral of Faith International, on December 31, 2019. His daughter Victoria Curry–Hicks joined the ministry becoming an assistant youth pastor of her dad’s church.

Victoria married John Hicks III, who serves in a full ministry in the church and is the president and CEO of JBH Sound and Production Company after her dad’s recovery. Bishop Curry shared the moment in his daughter’s life as he walked her down the aisle. His legacy continues with his daughter Victoria.

Bishop Victor T. Curry and Daughter Victoria

Victor T. Curry Age

Bishop Victor T. Curry is currently 62 years of age as of 2022.

Victor T. Curry Achievements

Having served in ministry for more than 10 years and being a relentless community advocate in the South Florida community for also more than 25 years, Bishop Curry has made a prominent name for himself and has achieved immense expansion in his ministerial portfolio. Here are a number of his lifetime of achievements:

-Founded New Birth Broadcasting Corporation, AM 1490 WMBM.

-Established a Christian school that represents the South Florida Community, Hill Bible College, and Freshmen Community Development Corporation.

-Rewarded with President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama Lifetime Achievement Awards for his service to Miami and surrounding communities.

-Founding Moderator of the Progressive Kingdom Baptist Association.

Victor T. Curry Net worth 2022

Bishop Victor T. Curry’s net worth is not readily available as of now from reliable outlets.


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