Brazilian Rock Accident

Reports reaching has it that seven people have lost their lives during the Brazilian rock accident.

From the report we also gathered that three people also went missing whiles 32 people got injured during the Brazilian rock accident.

The video making viral showed how the rock detaches from the cliff face as outside people try to signal warnings to the boats under.

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However a tower of rocks suddenly broke away from the canyon wall and came crashing down on several leisure boats, sending out a huge wave over the lake at Capitolio, in Minas Gerais state

What Caused The Brazilian Rock Accident?

The cause of the Brazilian rock accident was because one of the boats got sunk and collapsed. Due to that many people were able to escape.

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The collapse of the rock happened at 11:00 local time (14:00 GMT) after which it’s rained in Minas Gerais state, making the cliffs more susceptible to break.

According to Lieutenant Pedro Aihara three vessels were hit by falling rock, and out the people 32 got injured with nine hospitalized.

Divers and helicopters are searching the water for any more survivors.

Twenty people were initially reported missing, but Lt Aihara said most were accounted for after checking hospital lists.

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