What did Louie Simmons invent?

Louie Simmons quotes

Louie Simmons is a famous powerlifter and the inventor of the “Westside Barbell”. He also invented a technique called “Conjugate Method”.

This technique is used by athletes to train all their major muscle groups in a systematic way.

Who is Louie Simmons?

Louie Simmons is a bodybuilder and weightlifting coach. He is the founder of Westside Barbell, which is a powerlifting gym in Ohio.

Louie Simmons has been coaching powerlifters for over 30 years and his methods have been used by Olympic athletes, professional football players, and other weightlifters.

He has coached many world champions such as Kirk Karwoski, Mike MacDonald, and Dave Tate. He also coached his son Louie Simmons Jr., who became the first American to bench press 600 pounds in competition.

Louie Simmons net worth 2022

Louie Simmons net worth 2022 is estimated to be $2.5 million.

Louie Simmons cause of death

Louie Simmons cause of death is not known yet however it’s believed he died a natural death. He left behind his wife and children.


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