What Is Seattle Firefighter Matt Runte Death Cause?

What Is Seattle Firefighter Matt Runte Death Cause? Matt Runte Seattle firefighter died on the 8th December, 2021 while he was jogging on Capitol Hill. The cause of Seattle Firefighter Matt Runte Death has not been revealed yet however its believed he passed away whiles running.

What Is Seattle Firefighter Matt Runte Death Cause?

Matt obituary came out just hours the news of his death came out. The seattle firefighter died at the age of 44 and left behind his wife, Shannon, and their daughter, Emma.

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Many are still in shock as to what really happened to him and where they are here mourning him. One person who is in pain is the seattle major who was in tears during the funeral.

Who Is Matt Runte And What Happened To Him?

Matt Runte was a tailboard firefighter and engineer at the Seattle Fire Department. He had his high education at Bothell high school, in Washington. Matt also went to the University of Baghdad for his first degree before joining the United States Army.

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In 2002, Matt joined the Seattle firefighter team and spent over ten years working on Engine 25 at Station 25, Capitol Hill. 

Is Matt Runte On Facebook?

Matt Runte was very active on facebook before his demise. On facebook Runte also shared photos of himself and family having great time.

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