Who is Nana tea?

Who Is Nana Tea? In Ghana, James Annor Tetteh has become a social media sensation thanks to his philanthropic work under the moniker “Nana Tea.” With hundreds of thousands of online followers, Nana Tea has leveraged his platform to provide aid to those in need across the country.

Well Deserved -Nana Tea Praised For Winning Social Media Philanthropic Award

Helping Strangers in Need

On Facebook, Nana Tea operates almost like a one-man social services agency. People frequently contact him requesting assistance finding blood donors, locating missing people, fundraising for medical treatments, or reuniting with lost contacts.

Nana Tea shares these requests on his page and facilitates making connections. He has helped save lives by finding rare blood type donors, raising money for countless medical procedures, and reuniting long-lost family members separated by conflict.

In an interview, Nana Tea explained his motivation comes from experiencing hardship early in life. He aims to help others through social media in ways he wishes someone had helped him.

Building Credibility and Community

Some criticized Nana Tea’s early philanthropic posts, but he persisted. Over time, he built credibility by transparently providing donors with receipts and feedback. People see funds go directly to help recipients.

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This integrity has enabled Nana Tea to build a large, engaged community. Followers frequently share words of gratitude and update him on how his assistance dramatically improved their lives. These posts inspire others to support his cause.

Today, Nana Tea has become one of Ghana’s most influential social media figures. With hundreds of thousands of followers across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, his reach extends across the country. Brands now sponsor some of his philanthropic initiatives.

While Nana Tea has gained fame, he remains committed to his grassroots work helping everyday people. He demonstrates the power of social media to connect people and channel goodwill.

Nana Tea represents a new breed of social media influencers who leverage their popularity for public service. Thanks to his open heart and wise use of technology, he has become a philanthropic force empowering communities across Ghana.

Who is Nana tea?

Nana Tea is an award-winning humanitarian and Social Media philanthropic. He holds a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Science Laboratory Technology from the Accra Technical University.

According to One of Ghana’s favorite social media influencers who has used his platform to transform the lives of many privileged people, James Annor Tetteh, popularly known on social media as Nana Tea;

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“I had lived in the village all my life and carrying logs was not new to me. When I saw the boy, it brought back memories. I shared the picture without the boy’s face describing the memories it came with and some people didn’t take it lightly.

“Some said I had posted it for likes instead of helping the boy carry the firewood. Fortunately, there was a lady in the US who saw the post and decided to help the boy with GH₵200. I shared that feedback and other people decided to donate more. When I visited him at home, I realised he had ring worm so we sought medical help for him, bought him stationery for school and a wheel barrow to transport his firewood. The rest of the money was invested on his behalf,” he explained.
From that single act, many people started contacting Nana Tea to either seek help or give him funds to support other people.

Nana Tea said, he appreciated the challenges people went through in life as he and his siblings had a difficult childhood. But for the intervention of some benevolent people, they wouldn’t have gone to school.

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“My mother passed away when I was 14 and my siblings were very young. My father struggled to take care of us. My education was sponsored by someone from Primary to Junior High School. When I gained admission into Senior High School, I delayed in reporting because we couldn’t afford the fees. Thankfully, the headmaster considered me and I started and Plan Ghana gave me a scholarship throughout my stay.

“I know what it feels like to not have food at home and so although the demand from people keeps increasing and can be overwhelming, I try my best to connect them to people who can help,” he explained.

Nana Tea Wife: Is Nana Tea married?

Yes, Nana Tea is married to Barbara Amoah, a nurse and they have a set of twin boys, Ethan Atter and Nathan Lawer. They recently welcome a baby girl called Princess.


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