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Who Is Samuel Asante Mireku: Meet Odehyie Sam

Who Is Samuel Asante Mireku: Meet Odehyie Sam

With his soulful voice and uplifting songs blending faith, hope, and national pride, Ghanaian musician Odehyie Sam has been touching lives for over 20 years. Though hailing from humble beginnings, this versatile performer’s commitment to spreading positivity made him a household name.

Who Is Samuel Asante Mireku: Meet Odehyie Sam

Who Is Samuel Asante Mireku?

Growing up immersed in Accra’s vibrant music scene, Samuel Asante Mireku – later known as Odehyie Sam – taught himself composing while working odd jobs. Collaborating with singer Isaac Nana Yeboah as the music duo Adehyie in 2000 marked a turning point.

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The duo announced themselves by penning “Asomdwe O Ghana” in 2005 – an inspirational pan-Africanist anthem advocating unity. Its nationwide endorsement during 2008 elections propelled Adehyie to fame. However, this early triumph was followed by significant setbacks.

After Adehyie split, Odehyie Sam persevered through the years struggling to sustain himself through music alone. But he continued developing his trademark Afro-gospel pop blend channeling influences like Kojo Antwi and McAbraham. Lyrics reflecting on overcoming adversity became his calling card.

This persistence paid off when Odehyie Sam unveiled his solo debut “Gye Me So” in 2015 on his independent Odehyie Sam Music imprint. The lead single “Fa Wo Ho” highlighted his artistic vision – fusing old-school highlife with spiritual themes.

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Though the album attracted critical acclaim, Odehyie Sam still faced an uphill battle getting airplay as an unsigned artist. However, he earned a devout fanbase by relentlessly performing at churches and community events.

Despite persisting challenges, Odehyie Sam’s commitment to his musical mission never wavered. Today, he stands as a respected veteran Ghanaian musician on his terms – uplifting spirits with songs promoting nationalism, resilience and hope.

Odehyie Sam latest Song Biggy Biggy

Who Is Samuel Asante Mireku: Meet Odehyie Sam
Who Is Samuel Asante Mireku: Meet Odehyie Sam

With an ambient new Amapiano single “Biggy Biggy” set to drop, he continues trailblazing as an independent homegrown artist maintaining artistic integrity. Thanks to his faith and perseverance, Odehyie Sam’s music echoes nationwide as the true heartbeat of Ghana.

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Who Is Samuel Asante Mireku: Meet Odehyie Sam

Odehyie Sam Social Media handles

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/odehyiesammusic

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@odehyiesammusic

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/odehyiesammusic/

Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@odehyiesammusic

Website: https://linktr.ee/odehyiesammusic


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